• Harry Van Koll

The core of your anxiety or depression is not what you think it is…

Confused, stuck, anxious man.

Working on what you think your anxiety or depression is about is not getting you any closer to eliminating it.

You can spend weeks and years in talk therapy, learn a multitude of coping strategies and techniques to manage your anxiety or depression, get lots of advice on what you should be doing to fix it - and yet still have your problem!

Learning how to just manage this problem is not actually resolving it.

Anxiety and depression are the symptoms of a deeper issue you haven’t resolved yet.

Just learning how to keep managing the symptoms without fixing what’s actually causing them in the first place is like continually patching up a leak in a boat with sticky tape and hoping that ship will stay afloat…

And here’s the thing.

You’ve been trying to work this problem out for a long time.

And the core of what’s really going on here has nothing to do with what you’ve been told, what you think it might be, or what you’ve been working on with it so far.

How could it be? You still have the problem.

As soon as you fix what’s really causing this issue within you, the problem finally ceases and you actually get to turn that page and move on with your life. The style of hypnotherapy I use in my Rapid-Breakthrough gets you to that true core - quickly.

Like lightening. Like laser-surgery.

The true core of your anxiety or depression will have nothing to do with what you’ve thought so far.

Because you have to go way beyond your thinking to get there.

And when that breakthrough hits you, it’s like a tidal wave that you didn’t see coming, that washes away all of the confusion and struggle for good.

And you get to start living your life without this weight on your shoulders anymore!

It’s freedom.

And it yours.

Can you feel it?


Helping people completely break through their Anxiety & Depression to live a life FREE from fear, worry and self-doubt…

Anxiety & Depression Rapid-Breakthrough www.harryvankoll.com.au

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