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"I have struggled with anxiety since I was a teenager, and have tried a few different things to overcome it but nothing had a lasting effect. I'd been feeling like anxiety had been holding me back, especially socially and at work, and my sister highly recommended Harry so I decided to try it too.


Predominantly my anxiety manifested as getting tongue tied, so a lot of the time I was worried that I was coming across as stupid, and then replaying conversations in my head afterwards, wishing I had said things differently. Or beating myself up for missing opportunities to say what I wanted to. I also had a tendency to see exchanges as confrontations when they weren't necessarily. I've had this problem since I was about 17-18.


In the past I'd tried to fix my issue by pushing through and persisting and not really acknowledging the source. I also tried anti-anxiety medication in the past. I think what I tried failed because I never really addressed my anxiety beyond dealing with how it manifested, rather than looking at any underlying cause.


I've had hypnotherapy before for smoking, but what I experienced with Harry was very different. I had never experienced conversational hypnotherapy before, so wasn't really aware of its existence. I was expecting it to be similar to what I’d tried before - a lot less conversational, and more obvious when the hypnotherapy was happening. When our session first started, I was extremely uncomfortable and felt self-conscious. Again I was worried about coming across ass dumb, and was trying to think of the right things to say. I don't really remember exactly when my attitude to these issues I've described changed, but it was like my whole perspective shifted in that session which was very surprising.  I felt like I suddenly saw everything through a different lens and my entire outlook had changed. When I left, I felt positive, on top of the world and like I could handle anything.


Some time has now passed since my session with Harry and I still feel positive and capable of dealing with difficult situations in life. Some un-constructive habits have now changed for the better and I don't feel guilty about stupid things like I used to. I'm a lot more accepting of myself and others, my confidence at work has improved and I'm a lot less timid. I'm really looking forward to working in-person again and I’m also looking forward to socialising in public.


If you are someone who’s struggling with anxiety and thinking about doing something about it but keep putting it off, I would encourage you to take action if you are ready. Overcoming the blocks that I had with communication, and the understanding of others that it has given me, have been the most important things I’ve gotten out of this experience, and this has had an impact on all areas of my life.”


"I had tried counselling with a number of counsellors of a few years and I found I often left feeling worse than when I went in. This made my problems worse as I would blame myself for failing at counselling. My problem had been a feeling of worthlessness and a high level of anxiety since early childhood. 

At the time of making my appointment I was at the end of my tether with my symptoms and was off work on mental health leave due to the impacts. I had been diagnosed with MDD, OCD, BPD and I was in a physical state of almost constantly shaking from anxiety. I saw one of Harry’s posts on Facebook and I made contact straight away. In the free session I found Harry seemed to really understand what I was going through and I knew by the end of the session I had to give it a try. 

I knew because of my past attempts that standard counselling and therapy weren’t working for me; I had tried some hypnosis for other issues many years earlier and had an ok experience. I was a little sceptical, but having tried everything else I had nothing to lose!

When I arrived for my session, I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable with Harry. The session, although lasting a number of hours, felt like it only lasted a short time (it felt more like about an hour). The experience was not as I had expected, Harry’s unique approach enabled me to connect my conscious thoughts with my sub and unconscious mind while being very conscious and aware of my surroundings, my actions and my thoughts. When the session was over I could not believe the amount of time that had passed! My shirt was soaked with sweat caused by the conflict being worked on.

Immediately after the session I felt so much lighter, as if an enormous load had been removed from my shoulders. My shaking had stopped, my speech was slower and more clear – I felt like I could take on the world and succeed. As a massive bonus, my 30+ year phobia of spiders was gone too! I have since held spiders in my hand when previously the thought of a spider would increase my heart rate and cause a physical reaction.

My life now is changed, I have the confidence to fulfil my dreams and I am looking forward to the future with passion rather than the dread I had before. If anyone was considering this method, I would definitely recommend Harry to help them deal with their issues. The process I have described works as it says, but more important is Harry’s approach. You are never rushed, Harry has been there himself and overcome his own struggles so he gets it, it’s not just a job, it’s not academia; it’s his passion and he keeps going until whatever the issue is, it’s dealt with."

Are you ready to take the next step toward your freedom and reconnecting with who you truly are?

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