"I have previously spent the majority of my life with feelings of Anxiety, Stress, Low Confidence and most of all a feeling of uncertainty. At the age of 25 and multiple attempts to treat these feelings something had to change and I was fed up feeling the way I was.


I was essentially living my life in a constant state of trying to pre-empt the future. I previously would avoid social situations out of fear, making up lies and excuses to get out of commitments I made. When I wasn’t doing that, I was constantly over-complementing people or doing things for people I barely knew which I now realise was purely to seek validation, something I always thought I needed previously. I had a distorted sense of who I was as a person, my life felt completely fake. 


Medications, counselling and an attitude of “I need something to make this feeling leave”, failed me. I got to a point of realising I could no longer try to bandaid the feeling and I needed to solve the root cause of it, so I could reach the potential I knew I had inside me. Hypnotherapy seemed appealing to me. 


I chose Harry because he seemed to have a sincerity about him and he specialises in this. Harry is easy to talk to and he cares. 


The session is indescribable. I can say for sure it won’t be what you’re expecting. Much like how the solution to your issue, won’t be what you were expecting. It will certainly be liberating though. There is a moment that happens, when your brain finally realises why you’ve been feeling this way. This realisation you will have is what gives you the empowerment to solve your issue. That moment is one I will never ever forget as it was essentially the turning point. 


I now live my life, instead of writing scripts for it. I have plans to do things which I know will make me happy, but remain just as happy in the meantime. I wake up every morning fear free with a really nice sense of feeling content and empowered. I now have the power to decide how any emotion I feel in my life will effect me. It has given me an appreciation of who I am as a person, which has made me realise I have everything I need to make me feel happy and carefree, right now in this very moment.


If you’re ready for it, this process will change your life. Not only will you say goodbye to negative emotions controlling you, you will appreciate your life in the present moment so much more than you ever thought. 


I’m writing this testimonial after my breakthrough with Harry in the hope that more people can experience life the same way I am.

I highly recommend going through with it. You will become the best version of yourself and what greater thing could you have happen."


"Harry,  I do not know how to thank you enough, for  helping me to see the real me. I was depressed, anxious and frightened all the time since my childhood. I thought that fear had its hold on me and that I will never be better and what people call normal - living without fear - and that this would be my way of living forever, I thought that I couldn't escape fear.


I am 63 years old now, I have sought help, you name it, counsellors, psychologists, and changing counsellors so many times, thinking that they were not good, it was not doing anything for me, to the point where I lost hope, until I came across your website. I was happy of what I saw, thinking to myself, that's it for me, nothing is going to work just like before, I thought about it over and over. I was so desperate to get better but at the same time I deeply needed to get rid of that yukiness sort of feeling that was lingering within my being 24/7. I thought that I had spent enough dollars on finding someone or something to cure me, and nothing was going to help me.


And then I said to myself, what if I give it a go. Little that I know  that your kind of work was my answer. I am so over the moon of making that decision in that instant that it changed my life forever. Thank you for helping me to believe in myself and to journey with me to find the truth that sets me free. I will forever be grateful to you not only a hypnotherapist but a friend too. Thank you for having my back  and giving me a chance to breathe again."



“I’ had experienced anxiety and depression from my earlier stages of my childhood, these feelings came on very strong after having my children to the point where things started to feel out of control. At this point I knew I had to reach out for help. One night I was on the internet and I was doing a search on anxiety and I saw Harry’s web page, it was almost a sign of relief, so I read some of the testimonials and thought YES, I must make an appointment! 


My anxiety made my life a big struggle, I was extremely exhausted, mentally & physically drained all I wanted to do was to sleep. My anxiety created me to have Panic attacks and body shakes. My day would start feeling anxious as soon as I got out of bed, I would avoid the freeway as my driving started to become an issue, I felt stuck, couldn’t breathe, legs shaking, feeling sick and I always needed a bottle of water. I realised my life changed where I couldn’t do a lot of things that I use to like such as going into the lift made me feel hot and stuck to the point, I couldn’t wait for the door to open and be the first person out to take a breath of air! The thought of being home alone made me sick to the stomach I always had to have an adult in the house with me otherwise my thoughts would spiral out of control with the amount of fear in my body and mind. Basically, I was living in constant FEAR!! 


In the past I had seen a therapist what she had suggested I go for my daily walks (well that’s not an option as I was afraid to be alone), read a book which it help me, but I didn’t enjoy reading. I started doing home exercise and that really helped me for the first 6 months of COVID lockdown, but I had to do home schooling and my motivation went out the window! My therapist recommend I start on a low dose of medication. I never took the medication as that would be the last option.


I was so excited to see Harry especially the thoughts of being hypnosis, I was nerves before my appointment but super excited because it would be something different than just bandaiding the issues. This was it! The life changing experience starts Now….

Harry’s unique approach enabled me to connect my conscious thoughts with the sub & unconscious mind while being very conscious and aware of my surroundings. Harry spent hours with me which felt like an hour. By the end of the session, I feel so much lighter and free, free of fear, free of anxiety and free to live my life!! 

Day after my session I had to use a lift in the hospital, I just walk in all alone and came out as a normal person, I couldn’t believe what just had happened I was so HAPPY that I called my husband and told him. I had the confidence to drive on the freeway and happily singing to the music at that moment it felt like I could take on the world. Now I can ask for everyone to go out and leave me in peace home alone again!


Now that my life has changed, I’m looking forward to the future and nothing is stopping me from enjoying my life with my beautiful family. The power is in my hands and I have full control of my emotions no matter the situations that come my way. Anyone that is suffering any Anxiety or Depression don’t be afraid to reach out to Harry as I highly recommend his outstanding work and gratitude towards his clients and willingness to reach the bottom of your problems.

The most important thing for me in achieving success with my session is that FEAR can longer control me I control FEAR”. 


"I had tried so many avenues in the past, medication, psychology, meditation, yoga, exercise, some worked for a time but my problems always came back.  I was desperate to try something else and am open to new alternative ideas, the idea of hypnosis seemed to be the next logical step to try.

I was in a very negative, anxious place. Crying all the time in a downward spiral. I had problems sleeping, eating and couldn't work.  I really needed a reset. 

My anxiety made my life a struggle, constantly on edge and paranoid.  It was exhausting trying to avoid anxious situations and conflict, and impossible.  

I had tried medication and various psychologists along with yoga and meditation.  I failed because these things weren't getting to the root of the problem. I was open to hypnosis and had heard of success stories from others that had tried it to lose weight and quit smoking, so I was hopeful.

The entire experience with you was positive from our very first conversation. I trusted that you would help me.  From before the hypnosis, during the appointment and afterwards in follow ups you have been amazing.  During the appointment you immediately put me at ease and I felt very relaxed throughout the hypnosis.  I felt that you had all the time in the world to dedicate to helping me, there was no looking at the clock for the appointment to finish, just whenever everything had been worked through.  Something I had never experienced before.


I feel lighter, I'm no longer carrying around my baggage.  I look at every situation differently to before, I feel so positive for the future. 


The experience has changed my life hugely, I no longer cry all the time, I can go to work, no paranoia, no fear of conflict.  Just a whole new perspective on life.  I've started to look to myself not others for answers.  This is the biggest change. 


I'm looking forward to my positive energy and change in outlook/perspective having a knock on effect to my children and the benefits it will bring to my family life.


If you are totally open to helping yourself and moving forward, don't waste another second.  I wish I'd found Harry years ago and hadn't been in my anxious ridden place for so long. Breaking the cycle and the downward spiral and the affect it was having on every aspect of my life.


"After seeing a post come up on my Facebook feed about Harry, I couldn’t help but look into what he does. After years of having anxiety, seeing therapists, Medications and trying everything I could think of that really didn’t work, I felt so disheartened. All these things failed because I wasn’t addressing the core of my problems…


I thought about Hypnosis and really didn’t know what to expect, but after reading testimonials from clients that Harry has helped, I said to myself “ Do it “! I rang Harry and our first conversation was so pleasant that I knew I was doing the right thing in trusting him . It wasn’t long before I saw Harry and we chatted for hours about my problem. The conversation just flowed in the most incredible way… it was astounding that I was finally on the most amazing journey of my life for me!!!


Harry was just the most genuine, easy going, trust worthy person I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy my experience, my breakthrough with !!! Harry gave me all the time I needed, he followed up with phone calls and was always available to me at every moment! If anyone is struggling with any fears of any kind, I can vouch and recommend Harry to get you to a place you would never have imagined possible! I can’t speak more highly of Harry … believe in yourself and do this for you !!!


Since having this incredible journey, I see things so much differently now and my journey is still continuing every day … trust in yourself, that’s all you need to do!


Thank you Harry for showing me the way ."


"I had tried counselling with a number of counsellors of a few years and I found I often left feeling worse than when I went in. This made my problems worse as I would blame myself for failing at counselling. My problem had been a feeling of worthlessness and a high level of anxiety since early childhood. 

At the time of making my appointment I was at the end of my tether with my symptoms and was off work on mental health leave due to the impacts. I had been diagnosed with MDD, OCD, BPD and I was in a physical state of almost constantly shaking from anxiety. I saw one of Harry’s posts on Facebook and I made contact straight away. In the free session I found Harry seemed to really understand what I was going through and I knew by the end of the session I had to give it a try. 

I knew because of my past attempts that standard counselling and therapy weren’t working for me; I had tried some hypnosis for other issues many years earlier and had an ok experience. I was a little sceptical, but having tried everything else I had nothing to lose!

When I arrived for my session, I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable with Harry. The session, although lasting a number of hours, felt like it only lasted a short time (it felt more like about an hour). The experience was not as I had expected, Harry’s unique approach enabled me to connect my conscious thoughts with my sub and unconscious mind while being very conscious and aware of my surroundings, my actions and my thoughts. When the session was over I could not believe the amount of time that had passed! My shirt was soaked with sweat caused by the conflict being worked on.

Immediately after the session I felt so much lighter, as if an enormous load had been removed from my shoulders. My shaking had stopped, my speech was slower and more clear – I felt like I could take on the world and succeed. As a massive bonus, my 30+ year phobia of spiders was gone too! I have since held spiders in my hand when previously the thought of a spider would increase my heart rate and cause a physical reaction.

My life now is changed, I have the confidence to fulfil my dreams and I am looking forward to the future with passion rather than the dread I had before. If anyone was considering this method, I would definitely recommend Harry to help them deal with their issues. The process I have described works as it says, but more important is Harry’s approach. You are never rushed, Harry has been there himself and overcome his own struggles so he gets it, it’s not just a job, it’s not academia; it’s his passion and he keeps going until whatever the issue is, it’s dealt with."


"I had experienced anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, to a greater or lesser extent and got by with learning to manage its symptoms.  This was more or less effective depending on what was going on, but I had always accepted that it was going to be something I would have to live with for the rest of my life.  I had seen other testimonials from clients of Harry's, and I had in the back of my mind that it could be something that would benefit me, but I didn't reach out until a period of extreme stress in my life, when I realised that I didn't want to experience my life in that way any more, and wanted to be more proactive in getting to the source of my anxieties.


I find it hard to relate to the specifics of my anxiety now, but from what I can remember, the source of these feelings ultimately came down to feelings of powerlessness, or rather my inability to see and understand my own power.  I was very concerned with what people thought about me, used to need to feel like I was liked by everyone, and was very preoccupied with meeting the expectations of others, at the expense of my own.  Over time, this became a painful way to exist as it sapped my autonomy and left me constantly feeling like I 'wasn't good enough.'


I had tried to fix this in the past with the use of antidepressants, extended periods of counselling and CBT, and probably a bit of self medication.  The CBT was helpful to an extent, as it helped me devise strategies to manage specific situations, but all of these measures only addressed the symptoms of what was going on with me, and none helped me get to the bottom of the problem I was experiencing.  Because of this, I always imagined I would only be able to manage the symptoms, and that the cause would always be something in my life.


Before coming to see Harry I was almost reluctant to keep the appointment because I was very nervous.  I thought I knew what his style of hypnotherapy would be like, as I had listened to guided meditations here and there for things like weight loss and smoking.  I was expecting that I would be told to relax, and guided into a trance, where he would make various suggestions that would somehow do their job.  The hypnotherapy that Harry guided me through was nothing like that.  It was interactive, extremely moving and surprisingly fun.  I still can't really describe it and I have no idea how it worked, but it got a result in a few hours that I was unable to get over a period of years.


Harry worked with me for hours, and I got the impression (or maybe he said) that he works with his clients for as long as necessary.  When I arrived we discussed what I perceived to be my problem.  The conversation flowed from there and after a while I noticed some phrases Harry said really resonated with me, although I consciously didn't understand what he was saying.  A number of times during our conversation, I felt the urge to close my eyes, completely relax and just let things process.  Consciously I didn't know what my brain was doing but it was a profound feeling that I can't articulate.  Towards the end of the session Harry pushed me further to make sure that the cause of my issues was 100% resolved, and he followed up with me after the session to double check this.


Since my session I am so far removed from something that was so debilitating that I can barely remember what it was, let alone imagine how it controlled so much of my experience of life.  It has also helped me transform my perspective and step into power that I never imagined I could possess.  I feel so much more at ease with who I am, my choices and ability to manage and learn from crises, and things that used to bother me because they were out of my control now seem like fun puzzles.


I feel so much more empowered now, and am looking forward to exploring the boundaries of different parts of my life, rather than shying away from them and trying to stay in a comfort zone.  It has also given me a renewed appreciation of everything in my life, especially the people.


During the session I said more than once that I couldn't understand why I was reluctant to do this, and I can't imagine why I was worried beforehand.  I had been putting off addressing my issues for years, and I didn't realise until the consultation that the reason behind it was fear.  If anyone is in a similar position and thinks they are too busy, not sure they "need" it, it's too inconvenient, etc, I would urge them to challenge themselves and see what happens.  The results of my session have been beyond my wildest expectations, and my expectations were pretty high.  I feel like I have wasted so much of my life making excuses not to address this and trying to manage it, and I'm so, so glad that I finally did and can start living an autonomous life, unrestrained needlessly by fear, lack of faith in myself and uncertainty.


As a relatively recent client, the benefits of my session are still emerging, and I expect this will be the case for a long time. I  remember saying in the session "this is the best gift anyone has given me", (to which Harry reminded me "yes, what a great gift you've given to yourself").   At the moment I think the most valuable thing that's come out of my session is the understanding that I have the power to transform myself to this extent.  I am no longer scared that people will think negatively of me, which has allowed me to be more genuine and vulnerable, and approach life without the need to compartmentalise."


"I have struggled with anxiety since I was a teenager, and have tried a few different things to overcome it but nothing had a lasting effect. I'd been feeling like anxiety had been holding me back, especially socially and at work, and my sister highly recommended Harry so I decided to try it too.


Predominantly my anxiety manifested as getting tongue tied, so a lot of the time I was worried that I was coming across as stupid, and then replaying conversations in my head afterwards, wishing I had said things differently. Or beating myself up for missing opportunities to say what I wanted to. I also had a tendency to see exchanges as confrontations when they weren't necessarily. I've had this problem since I was about 17-18.


In the past I'd tried to fix my issue by pushing through and persisting and not really acknowledging the source. I also tried anti-anxiety medication in the past. I think what I tried failed because I never really addressed my anxiety beyond dealing with how it manifested, rather than looking at any underlying cause.


I've had hypnotherapy before for smoking, but what I experienced with Harry was very different. I had never experienced conversational hypnotherapy before, so wasn't really aware of its existence. I was expecting it to be similar to what I’d tried before - a lot less conversational, and more obvious when the hypnotherapy was happening. When our session first started, I was extremely uncomfortable and felt self-conscious. Again I was worried about coming across ass dumb, and was trying to think of the right things to say. I don't really remember exactly when my attitude to these issues I've described changed, but it was like my whole perspective shifted in that session which was very surprising.  I felt like I suddenly saw everything through a different lens and my entire outlook had changed. When I left, I felt positive, on top of the world and like I could handle anything.


Some time has now passed since my session with Harry and I still feel positive and capable of dealing with difficult situations in life. Some un-constructive habits have now changed for the better and I don't feel guilty about stupid things like I used to. I'm a lot more accepting of myself and others, my confidence at work has improved and I'm a lot less timid. I'm really looking forward to working in-person again and I’m also looking forward to socialising in public.


If you are someone who’s struggling with anxiety and thinking about doing something about it but keep putting it off, I would encourage you to take action if you are ready. Overcoming the blocks that I had with communication, and the understanding of others that it has given me, have been the most important things I’ve gotten out of this experience, and this has had an impact on all areas of my life.”


"After struggling with anxiety and depression for most of my life and trying unsuccessfully to manage it through seeing psychologists and medication, I have always been on a search for something to take the pain away and just be better. Diet and exercise only does so much and staying on the right track with these things easily flies out the window the next time your emotions end up in a frenzy, so it has been 3 decades of living this painful roller-coaster.


The night I decided to try hypnotherapy I was at the end of the road. My feelings were affecting the people that I love and my existence was lonely as I didn’t want to be around myself let alone inflict my presence on others.


I was so nervous and panicky heading in to speak to Harry for the first time. My experience of talking to counsellors/psychiatrists in the past have been quite distressful, dredging up past traumas for the hell of it, only just to go home in a worse state than going into the appointment. Harry was different, my initial anxiety quickly dissolved, and the process is done in a safe and secure environment with no judgements made.


Before Harry, I lived with the constant fire feeling in the pit of my stomach. Being in a constant state of panic for no reason at all, resulted in me being irritable and impatient with the people around me as I try to cope with the turmoil inside. It’s now been 6 weeks since my Breakthrough treatment with Harry and I probably have had the anxiety feeling rise only a handful of times due to certain situations which I know now is normal, but now I have the ability to control and evaporate the panic myself. The constant negative chatter in my brain has been silenced allowing me to be more positive and I am easily falling asleep at night too! I am now more present and enjoying living life this new way! It has been 100% worth going through this journey and should have done it a lot sooner!


I thought this was the way I was wired, that my DNA made me predisposed to anxiety and depression, but Harry has flipped that theory on its head and my family and I couldn’t be anymore thankful."


"I’ve looked into hypnotherapy for over one year, I’ve called and read reviews from  almost every hypnotherapist in Melbourne and when I came across Harry’s page and reading all his reviews I felt connected with all of his clients and was feeling jealous reading how Harry’s guidance has changed their life


I’ve suffered from anxiety and C-PTSD my whole life, I was on medication for 6 years long and was seeing psychologists over 8 years and nothing could make me happy. All I do was distracting all my problems instead of dealing with it. I wanted to give up and stop living.


I was a victim of child abuse and sexual abuse growing up, having a very toxic family, no emotion and affection. I didn’t have a childhood that everyone else have. It affected me as I am constantly seeking attention of others, I need people's approval, I’m anxious all the time, any past memory that hurts would trigger the breakdown, depression and anxiety. I grow up with a mindset that I don’t belong here and I’m not good enough, I hate my self, and I should’ve never been born. 


Anti-depression medication was the biggest regret I’ve ever done. It’s only a temporary fix, and seeing psychologist was a waste of money and time as it feels like you are talking to the wall. They listen to you and they will say things will get better. 


I always think hypnosis meaning I will be asleep and wake up with my memory erased. I was really nervous before I met Harry, I don’t know what I’m walking into, Harry was very nice over the phone and I am positive that I will walk out with the guidance I needed. I am sick and tired of telling how my life has been cause I have a slight doubt that it may not work or maybe it’s gonna be the same as other psychologist I’ve seen. 


We started working together at 12pm and I opened up to him, I couldn’t even tell all feelings I got from sadness, anger, anxiety, needy, and enthusiasm to heal. My gut felt so sick talking about my past and never ending anxiety but it is all out. I let it out in that session and I won’t let anything back in only if I’m allowing it to happen. It took a 3.5hours long. Imagine how’s exhausted. 


Harry guided me to a light I’ve never seen before. My whole mindset was changed. He guided me to the right path. The path I’ve seen before but it was full of bushes that I couldn’t see any foot path. You can wait as long as you want for the bushes to clear up but it won’t go away by itself so I’ve had enough and he open up my mind and I clear all the bushes and now I’m on a clear path!!! And everything seems clear and make sense. The bushes will stay there and grow around your foot if you allow it to happen. 


After my breakthrough I feel like I’m reborn, I’ve never feel so light weight, I can breathe, 26 years long was a big drama I made to myself. It will never ever happen again!


The experience has changed my life and the only person I wanna make happy and I need is myself. I’m looking forward to grow up and be a new me. Positive and attractive person who wants to live life and be happy. 


Even everyone already asked about it, and they can see changes in my life. I can only guide them to what I’m capable and share the experience I have with Harry. 


The most important thing for me in achieving success with my sessions is loving myself that there’s nothing that can make me feel good but myself. 


"I decided to try hypnosis to help with my depression and anxiety that I had been struggling with for a few years and it’s one of the best decisions I could have made. When I was in the full swings of depression it was so hard to implement any of the positive habits like meditation and mindfulness that can help bring you out of such a dark head-space. I also had the fear that if I reflected or was to go deeper into my own thoughts it would get worse or spiral.

The session was almost like having personal trainer who motivated me and taught me how to do this. Having Harry there to start the process and then to guide my thoughts through trance gave me back a connection to myself that I wasn’t sure I was going to feel again. I was able to find myself and I will never forget the feeling of being whole again.

The best way I could ever describe it : I’ve never felt so much like my own self."


"In mid 2018, I went through a prolonged stressful situation at work that resulted in me struggling to sleep. I then sought advice from my local doctor who simply prescribed sleeping tablets. While the sleeping tablets did help me get some temporary sleep; they also resulted in me having some terrible side effects. Those side effects included panic attacks, severe physical anxiety and ultimately severe depression. These side effects persisted for some time and resulted in me having to seek the guidance of psychologists and psychiatrists. After a period of some months, I had largely recovered but still had persistent insomnia which revolved around worry and anxiety about sleep.


Before I came to see Harry, I had tried all kinds of techniques to improve my insomnia. I had tried various prescribed medications and CBT for insomnia. None of these techniques were producing lasting results so I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I had no real knowledge about hypnotherapy other than I knew a few people who had seen a hypnotherapist with positive results.


I was a little bit nervous before seeing Harry – I had no idea what to expect. However, my mind was put at ease when we met. Harry has a very warm and welcoming persona and makes you feel completely safe during the session. The experience during the session is like nothing I can really compare to previously. The best way to describe the experience is to be prepared for a conversation that could go anywhere, cover any topic and touch on a whole series of emotions that will ultimately reach the underlying root of your anxieties.


After my session with Harry I immediately felt in control of my sleep anxiety, Harry helped me see that I didn’t really have a problem anymore. My sleep has improved and I am now well on my way to re-establishing my old normal sleeping pattern without taking any medication. If you are struggling with a personal problem and have tried other avenues that don’t seem to work; I recommend getting in contact with Harry today. Harry has been through the challenge of anxiety himself so he is in a powerful position to share his personal experience whilst applying his abilities as a skilled hypnotherapist."


"I first decided to book in with Harry to try to finally overcome what I saw as my anxiety and depression, which I had been suffering with for quite a few years. I made this decision because I'd been feeling like something really needed to change before I could move on with my life, and after speaking with Harry I felt like he could help me do this. My anxiety and depression made me feel like I wasn't capable of doing the things I really wanted to do, and the only way I was dealing with this was by running away from things and pretending to myself that I just needed to move again or change my job or distract myself in some other way, which of course never worked. Now I can see that all of the things I did to try to fix my issues, and all of the lifestyle change I made, were simply distractions from what I really needed to address.

Before going into my session with Harry, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was definitely worried about what hypnosis would bring up. During my session I went into trance a couple of times and I felt like I was in some sort of dream world full of my memories, but in a strange way I felt like it was still me in control of everything that was happening, but the unconscious me. At first, I was seeing all of these memories and feelings in a very negative way, and it felt like they were all bundled up into a knot in my stomach. The only way I can describe consciously what happened then is that there was a gradual shifting of this negative knot of memories during my session, and eventually the memories started to feel very positive and almost like I was seeing them for what they really were.

By the end of the session, it was like a huge weight had been lifted, and that horrible knot in my stomach had been unravelled and thrown away.


Now my session has been and gone I feel like the real me has returned, I feel like there is nothing to run away from anymore, and I'm ready to move on with my life and do all of the things I've been too scared to do for years. Things like pursuing my passions, making some roots closer to home and family and friends, and maybe starting a family with my wonderful partner. I truly think that if you're somebody who is finding excuses not to face your problems (which I was for a while), you should stop and think what you're gaining from doing this, and I'm sure you'll see that it's nothing. If you feel like you're ready and in need of real change, then you probably are, and going through this will be an amazingly powerful thing."


"Thank you so much for all of your guidance, it's been an incredible journey so far. In the first week I made so many easy changes to my habits, I actually even surprised myself with how easy those habits were to change...

I don't have this uncertainty hanging over me now. I certainly think it's an amazing job you are doing sharing your knowledge and guidance to empower people and ensuring us that it's all us doing it, I only wish it was something that it was more widely accessible. I will be sure to keep you up to date with my journey and I really hope you are able to help many more people see that the power was always in them."

Watch Carly's Video Testimonial: 


"I would 100% recommend Harry. I’ve been experiencing anxiety on and off for two years; however, the past few months I felt like it was getting out of control. Harry was so patient with me, as he helped me work through my stuff and helped me let go of negative emotions I’ve been holding onto for years. Harry taught me how to handle anxious thoughts and by applying this method at home, within two weeks my anxious thoughts have disappeared and I’m now able to focus on what is actually important to me :) "



"I would strongly advise anyone suffering anxiety to have a chat with Harry as he has helped me get my life back. Here’s my story.

A video popped up on my Facebook page in regards to anxiety and how it affects your life, I was intrigued , so I continued to watch. It opened my eyes and I thought this could help me. I had spoken to people before and nothing was gained, and nothing helped. Nothing had helped in the past but I couldn’t keep living my life as it was, I was scared to be alone, scared to go to work, just scared to be me. The final straw was I had an asthma attack which was made worse by my anxiety. I truly thought I was going to die. I got taken to hospital and checked out and nothing I was fine. This was when I knew I had to do something about it.


I contacted Harry and we started to work together. It all started with a simple phone call. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about hypnotherapy or coaching but I had to change my life and this was it. I put all my faith in Harry, with all my cards on the table. I had to get my life back. From the first time I spoke to Harry on the phone, I felt different, I started to feel normal again. We sat down face to face and talked, it’s funny how if you allow yourself to open up and listen to your inner self, how things work out. And when you make your breakthrough as I did, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted , it’s a truely amazing feeling. I finally feel normal again. I’m now going about my life as I remember it was. It’s a great feeling.

Harry I couldn’t ever thank you enough for the help you have given me. You have taught me how to be me again. Anyone who has anxiety and is sick of feeling not like yourself, give Harry a call and start the process of getting your life back. It’s not easy but so rewarding to make those breakthroughs and get your life back. I can’t wait to live the rest of my life. Thank you Harry from the bottom of my heart."



"I came across Harry’s ad on Facebook one day and decided to book in for a session. At this time I felt I was in lack of direction and unsure how to move forward and wasn’t in the best head space. This was my first time seeking professional help. I was unsure what to expect, but Harry made me feel very comfortable.


This experience pushed me to go deep into my thoughts and expressing myself which I normally find hard to do. I came into this experience for help in what I wanted to do next in my life, but what came up in my session was more child hood issues I had - but hadn’t really confronted. The session really helped me understand myself more and my thought processes. It showed that stories and fears I had created aren’t actually real, though they can feel like they are at times. It truely helped me see better and understand that we are in charge of our thoughts and the stories we create.


I now have created such a better mind set and am excited for what my future holds and learning and growing as a person on my own journey.

I would recommend this to anyone as it really shows you that what we first thought was a problem is actually not in the end. It’s not until we see it from a professional point that we soon realise we actually had no problem at all. It was our own thoughts that blocked the way.

I’m truly grateful I did this when I did."



"I was in quite a state of sadness, heartbreak and having very low thoughts about myself so after looking up online ways to help that I settled on hypnotherapy and due to the thoughtful conversation I had with Harry on the phone I decided it was something worth trying. I instantly felt safe and at ease with Harry and I don't really want to use the word magic here because it undermines the serious process of what Harry does but it's actually MAGIC, Harry is MAGIC and the experience itself felt like I was under a beautiful spell.


I have been trying to live as a particular thing for such a long time and although the sadness and heartbreak are still there I am so free and clear now. It's such a collaborative process and I really got to see my true self underneath all the weight and muck I'd been carrying around for too long. It was so beautiful I cry whenever I think about it but not in sadness but in love and relief and Harry made that possible with a very gentle and safe (and magic) experience. I couldn't recommend going to see him enough, I am so grateful to Harry, it has truly altered my life in such a subtle but intensely significant way."