• Harry Van Koll


Reality is neutral until we decide what something means.

And that power is ours and ours alone.

When we believe anything that we hear or see or are told, it is us that is deciding if it is true or not.

Reality is completely neutral. Humans give reality meaning. Humans decide what anything and everything means.

The power of meaning is solely yours.

That is your power.

And with that power you illustrate your reality into existence. You create the picture of your life. You create the meaning of your life.

Thoughts aren’t real things. Thoughts have no meaning in and of themselves.

We give thoughts meaning.

Thoughts become real when we give them life. When we give them meaning.

Thoughts are actually fluid and made of a malleable thought-substance that we imprint with our own conscious will.

When we blindly believe our own thoughts as if they have pre-existing reality in and of themselves, we are imprinting that thought-substance with our own will and feeling.

And it is this imprint of feeling and will that gives the thought its reality - not the thought itself.

Before we give a thought feeling and life, it is just a shape. Before a thought takes on a shape it is just fluid, neutral thought-stuff. Thought-substance. The shapes of the thoughts that arise and appear in our awareness before we give them any attention, are formed through unconscious beliefs and programming.

These shapes are lifeless until we feed them with our own attention and feeling. This is what gives them life. This is what gives them reality. Before this happens, they are empty shapes, they are neutral. And they can be observed, discarded, allowed or changed.

Everything we experience is completely neutral until we give it life, or meaning.

And we are deciding what everything means.

Most of this happens unconsciously ONLY because we have been unaware of this process happening right under our nose. As soon we realise we are doing this, we can take charge of this process. Becoming conscious of something we do unconsciously, is what gives us the power to then change it.

You can sit behind the thinking process itself, and choose whether to engage with arising thoughts or not.

You can choose what anything means.

You can give a thought it’s shape, and then feed it with feeling and with your own will, making it more and more solid and real until it eventually manifests into your lived reality.

And the more you feed it with your attention, the more reality you give it. The more meaning that you give it, the more it grows into something and turns into a story.

You can decide which thoughts you will give the gift of reality and of life.

This is your power to create.

And it is yours and yours alone.

Always be aware of the inner story you are telling yourself.

Because if you aren’t taking charge of this immense power, then you’re letting somebody else do this for you. And you end up living somebody else’s reality.

This is YOUR power.

And it is MASSIVE.

So have fun with it…

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