• Harry Van Koll

You are never unhappy for the reason you think...

...which is why you can feel stuck in your life for so long, no matter how much you have worked on yourself. No matter how much help you’ve gotten.

When we are trying to overcome a problem whether it’s anxiety, depression, fear/phobias, self-worth issues or something else, it can often feel like every step we take forward, is met with two steps backward.

I often hear my clients describe it like being at war with themselves. Like there are two parts of themselves, one desperately wants to change, but the other part comes in and sabotages every effort.

It’s this other part of you though, the part that feels like it’s outside of your control, that is very important to get to grips with. It’s this part of you that needs to be faced and integrated.

This struggle, this war within yourself, represents a deeper underlying issue that’s been filed away unconsciously in order to protect you from it.

But there comes a time where the benefits of keeping it filed away, become outweighed by the havoc being created in your life as a result of it.

And THIS is where the real change needs to occur.

Because until it does, this unresolved puzzle and all of its associated feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, depression or whatever it is for you, will always be waiting for you there around every corner. Ready to sabotage and block you when you try to change.

As long as you keep working on an issue like this with only your immediate mind, your deeper mind will keep outsmarting you.

So it’s time to get all parts of yourself working back together again!

Because getting all parts of you in alignment with your goals, with your ideals, and with your life, is what will allow you to propel forward in your life without any resistance anymore, so everything just flows naturally and works with ease.

This is what I mean by reconnecting with yourself, with your deeper self.

You get to re-connect ALL parts of yourself so that ALL of you is working together again synchronously.

That’s how you become unstoppable.


At peace.

We are never unhappy for the reason we think.

And as soon as we face what’s really going on beneath the hood, we can finally take that wheel back start driving forward again…


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