• Harry Van Koll

FEAR is a test of your Self-Trust...

“The power is in my hands and I have full control of my emotions no matter the situations that come my way...”

These powerful words of realisation came from a client I worked with recently who used to suffer from constant anxiety and depression and has now completely turned her life around.

This is someone who’s fear and anxiety was so intense that it used to make her have to avoid lifts and take the stairs in every situation, she wasn’t able to drive on freeways or be in small spaces and she would experience horrible panic attacks regularly.

Let her words above inspire a state of being that is possible for anyone that may be currently suffering from fear or anxiety.

Each time you worry or feel anxious is actually a powerful opportunity to TRUST yourself in that very moment.

Each time you trust yourself, you show yourself opportunity by opportunity that you are always okay.

And over time, you realise that fear and anxiety are actually old illusions that we create unconsciously, that are out-dated protection mechanisms which no longer serve us.

WE continue to make our fear and anxiety real by continually affirming their reality and legitimacy in our lives!

By hiding from the things that we are afraid of, we affirm their realness over and over.

We turn them into monsters.

And then we give them life.

And our fear is the fuel.

So cut off the supply!

And never be afraid to FEEL your feelings.

All feelings are friendly! All feelings are YOU.

Never fear yourself. Trust yourself fully in the present moment.

Show yourself this example by example.

Stand firm and comfortable in your own presence, regardless of the reasoning mind’s attempts to thwart you.

Logic has no place in the face of fear and anxiety…

So abandon reason and trust in YOU!

Leave logic behind with the echoes of empty thought.

And do the most illogical thing in that moment which is to trust in yourself fully beyond all doubt, beyond all outer appearances.

Soon enough, you will have something so strong and stable within you that you KNOW you can rely on even in the most adverse of situations or darkest of circumstances…

You will have something infinitely resilient.

You will have YOU.

And it is you, who must make that first step.

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