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You will find yourself in the only place you haven't looked yet...

“Stay at the centre of the circle and let all things take their course.” - Lao Tzu

Stability in life is found within - not without.

Stillness, within motion.

I have always been inspired by the analogy of the spinning-top and it’s mysteries as a philosophy for living.

It is essentially a point, wrapped in a circle, spinning with great momentum yet absolutely balanced and still in the centre.

When taken in, absorbed as an idea and then integrated into life so it becomes ‘lived’, this new conception sparks a paradigm shift within your old perception of the reality of your life, of causality, the phenomena of experiences and your place within the chain of events, of cause and effect that we call the passing of time.

When you remain still at the centre of your life, it encourages everything around you to align and then spin around you, as if finding its own order in what was seeming disorder.

And of course you eventually realise that this was actually the case the whole time, that if you consider reality as something that stretches infinitely outwardly around you, then you must have always been and always are the centre, no matter where you are - because EVERYWHERE is at once the centre of the universe.

Even if you look at this in a different way, that we exist at this level of magnification in the universe, this ‘size’, with things getting infinitely larger one way and infinitely smaller the other way, the further zoom in or out with better and better microscopic and telescopic technology.

It never ends.

It’s constant movement.

Constant momentum, near and far, in and out.

Backwards, forwards. Round and round.

But one thing stays centred within that movement.

One thing spins with the gigantic flux of the universe but remains profoundly still at its core.

One thing experiences LIFE and all of the wonderful and terrible events and feelings and thoughts that happen within it.

And that one thing pretends maybe for most of its life that this is all happening independent of itself and that life is a moving through of this ‘stuff’ from beginning to end.

But this is the misconception that the spinning-top effortlessly annihilates with its gyroscopic-stillness.

That there is actually no beginning or end, that there is just this one point, centred, waiting to be found within.

And that the seeming passing of time and events that move around you, are actually a part of you, elements of you, moving as you move.

And each tiny movement you make has an effect on them. Any minute deviation from your centre creates a ripple that affects the events moving about you.

This is the power of the mind and it’s true place in cause and effect.

But you can’t always be still, for life is to be lived.

And it is Human nature of course, to err. This is life.

Is the spinning-top an ideal? Or is it a reality that we sometimes like to ignore?

Who knows.

But I always keep this idea in mind, that when you find yourself thinking anxious or worrisome thoughts, when you feel scared or overwhelmed in a situation in your life, are you in that moment, pretending that you are not causing your own discomfort?

Are you for a moment, pretending that life is spinning YOU around IT?

If anything, this is an opportunity to stop what you’re doing in that moment, find your centre and therefore reaffirm your right place in the universe, become still and perceive the events, thoughts and feelings moving through you and around you in their natural state, which is always a reflection of the current state of your mind in that moment.

Catch yourself.

Still your mind.

Find that point of inertia within the centre of your being that is analogous to the centre of a galaxy.

What were you thinking? What were your feelings?

What series of events led you to where you are right now?

What series of thoughts led you to believe that you are not in control of them?

Find that centre.

And as you become more still, your mind will follow. (What is it that the mind is following here?)

And the thoughts and events that circulate around you will begin to reflect that stillness, for you will start to see them as they truly are...

Reflections of you.

Just as planets are reflections of the light of their own Star.

You are a Sun.

This pattern is everywhere in nature.

Everywhere you look you will find this pattern of a nucleus, spinning, surrounded by its parts.


These are the building blocks of reality and are the different parts of Nature that make it up.

I wonder why we as Humans, sometimes like to pretend that we are not a part of it?

That we are these separate things that are here by accident, powerless, small, in this huge universe.

Its time to flip that paradigm and start to see things truly.

It’s time to take back your power and reinstate yourself as the authority in your own Mind, your Self and your Life.

The centre of the Universe is everywhere.

Where is yours?


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