• Harry Van Koll

You’re NOT STUCK with anxiety!

You’re NOT STUCK with anxiety - you just haven’t heard something you’ve been trying to tell yourself for a long time.

Today I worked with a client who was suffering from anxiety attacks.

When he stopped thinking for long enough to hear what his inner-self was trying to say all this time, he was able to hear something he had been trying to tell himself since he was a kid.

He was able to heal an old, unresolved trauma from childhood that meant he could now finally move on with life, because he at last listened to himself and now no longer needs the anxiety.

Anxiety is like your Unconscious Mind telling you there’s something within you that needs your attention.

The longer you leave it, ignore it or distract yourself from it the worse the anxiety gets.


And when you do face yourself, you reconnect to who you really are.

It’s like getting back in touch with an old friend that you haven’t seen since you were young.

And the sooner you face what you’ve been running away from or keeping yourself too busy to have time for, the sooner you can start to move beyond anxiety once and for all so you can begin to grow into the person you really are.


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