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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Anxiety is literally built upon doubting your ability to handle yourself ‘in the moment’ and knowing that you will be okay no matter what happens.

As soon as those feelings of nervousness and worry start to rise within you, you hit a fork in the road:

You either decide to take control of yourself in that moment and trust in who you are or you let those feelings overwhelm you and start to doubt yourself.

The decision you make in that moment is CRUCIAL.

This is where you have to face that fear.

That fear of ‘something bad happening’ is actually the biggest illusion that you’ve created.

You have let it become so big, that it is now bigger than yourself, to the extent that you believe IT in that moment, more than you believe in YOURSELF!

What does that say about how you value yourself?

When you free yourself from anxiety and negative overthinking what this actually means is that you have finally reconnected with who YOU are on a level that you now trust yourself MORE than those anxious thoughts.

You have now made yourself BIGGER than the anxious thoughts and feelings that used to overwhelm you.

You now trust yourself enough to believe in who you are.

I help my clients achieve this new level of Self by helping them get to the bottom of all those anxious and negative feelings and thoughts so they can finally release them for good.

When you un-earth your deepest fears and face your inner-most Self, you expose those fears for the illusions that they are and can finally start to see through them.

This new Self-awareness puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life because you’re no longer ruled by fear and anxious thoughts.

You create a relationship with yourself that perhaps you have not had for many years, a relationship built on trusting in who you are in any situation.

When you begin to trust yourself and believe in who you are in this deep way, you connect to a vital part of yourself that can BREAK THROUGH these old destructive patterns that have held you back thus far.

You connect to your potential.

The only thing holding you back from that is YOURSELF.

If this sounds like you or where you’re at right now, I have a couple of questions you may want to start asking yourself.

So the big question here is, if you get overwhelmed by feelings of self-doubt, fear or worry, what is it that is stopping you from being able to just trust in yourself no matter what happens?

When did you start to doubt in who you are and your ability to handle yourself in your life?

Why are you seeing yourself as ‘smaller’ than your fears?

These questions are vital to consider so follow the trail back to the root of the feelings and thoughts that arise here.

It’s so cliche to say that you are your own worst enemy.

Maybe it’s better to say the one big secret to everything in life and the one and only key to being able to live the life of your dreams is that YOU CAN ALREADY DO ALL OF IT.


Your own self-doubt is YOUR OWN SELF-DOUBT.

You have potential that is greater than you let yourself believe.

There is nothing actually stopping you from being the person that you want to be except the fact that you believe that you aren’t that person already.

Our self-belief is actually so fucking powerful that the negative thoughts we believe about ourselves can seem like concrete facts.

We trick ourselves into believing the thoughts we have about ourselves as if they are objective truth - but they are not.


That is the only objective truth.

Our thoughts are so powerful indeed that we let them be the reason we don’t do things in life that we really wanted to.

We make thoughts seem like concrete things - but they are created by us.

If we can can make negative thoughts so concrete that they seem real enough to stop us from reaching our potential, why can’t we DECIDE to create better thoughts that actually help us?

Think about how ‘real’ we can make a fear feel, to the extent that we can create an almost physical ‘barrier’ that we can’t cross so we don’t have to face it.

That’s some powerful stuff right there!

That’s how powerful you actually are.

Imagine if you used that same power to create thoughts that served you, to create a trust in yourself that is as real as the fears you make up.

You see when you start to reconnect with who you really are, you begin to realise how powerful YOU and the thoughts YOU create actually are.

This is the potential I see in every person I work with, and every person I meet.

It is my mission to help people reconnect with that powerful part of themselves and remember who they really are.

You are so powerful!

You are so powerful in fact that you can create these amazingly potent beliefs that you might not be!

So stop using your creative ability to make self-destructive thoughts.


And watch your life change in front of your very eyes.


I help people BEAT ANXIETY in ONE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION so they can reconnect with who they TRULY ARE.


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