• Harry Van Koll


You have to overcome your anxiety your way.

That is the only way you will ever know that the change you are making is permanent.

This is exactly why the conventional methods out there just don’t work in the long run! This is why you can try every technique out there, only to have your anxiety come right back - and with a vengeance. You have to find YOUR OWN WAY to beat your anxiety for yourself, if you ever want it to last - and that answer has to come from within you.

Until you listen to what YOU are trying to tell yourself deep within you, it doesn’t matter what somebody else says or advises you to do - IT JUST WON’T WORK.

Only you have the key to getting yourself out of this.

My mission is to help people realise how POWERFUL they actually are and that they CAN beat anxiety for themselves, permanently!

Everybody already has exactly what they are looking for within them right now. Conventional therapies and techniques only prolong this realisation, and hence prolong the resolution to your problem. You must have this realisation if you want to beat this once and for all.

I help people go within and reconnect to that part of themselves so THEY CAN REALISE exactly how to overcome their anxiety, for themselves, FOR GOOD!

This is the key to making real change that actually lasts.

Because when you release your anxiety your way, it means you can rely on YOU for the rest of your life!

I’m not interested in temporary, un-meaningful change and neither should you be. Until you decide do this yourself, you won’t have what you need to know that YOU can go through life confidently and resiliently.

I am in this to help people realise their own power and potential.

I am in this to help YOU realise that YOU are actually all you need.

Because when you reconnect with that, when you reconnect with who you really are, you will have everything you need to beat anxiety and anything else for that matter, for yourself in your own way.

And when you have that, you will always have it.

You will always have YOU.

That’s what real fucking change is 😉



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