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You feel stuck for a reason...

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

CYCLES are powerful growth-mechanisms. 🔥

We keep OURSELVES stuck in these 'cycles' whether it’s something like anxiety or depression, until we learn what we are trying to show ourselves through them...

We unconsciously keep ourselves there because it means there is something we really need to learn from it. Maybe it’s something we need to hear from ourselves before we can truly move forward, maybe an old unconscious wound that was never resolved needs to be addressed and properly healed, in order to grow beyond it.

Maybe an integral aspect of who you are at your very core has been forgotten, or hidden away, and needs to be brought back into sync with your entire being so you’re fully integrated within yourself, before you can truly move forward and live your life authentically.

Whatever the 'unconscious message’ is, once we hear it, once we get it and once we do what is necessary to finally deal with this at its root, well it means that we can LET IT GO for good and ultimately FREE ourselves to move beyond that old cycle, and grow toward our truest and fullest potential in life.

The old cycle that used to block you at every turn becomes the very mechanism for your growth beyond it.

When you feel stuck, you have to really stop.

And listen, honestly, to what you’re trying to tell yourself.

Life speaks through symbols.

Listen. Watch.



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