• Harry Van Koll

YOU are the happiness you are seeking...

The continual search for something outside of yourself that is somehow going to be ‘better’ than what you are right now, apart form being an impossible search, is THE one thing that stops you from being able to find true happiness right now, which always exists right here, exactly where you are...

When you put so much focus on trying to find the answers somewhere outside of you, you miss the present moment entirely. And this causes you to never be able to just sit still and be happy, it prevents contentment.

But here’s the secret: contentment, is a feeling.

And you feel things in the present. Always.

So if you continually look for that feeling somewhere out in the future, somewhere that you haven’t arrived at yet, then you will never truly feel it in the NOW. Because the future is just more ‘now’. And so even when you do feel it in the future ‘now’, it will never be enough for you. You will always want ‘more’...

So make a promise to yourself right NOW to never again look outside of yourself for your contentment and happiness! Don’t place your happiness somewhere that doesn’t exist, like the future.

Reposition you’re contentment to where it actually exists: HERE. NOW.

And give up the need to find answers outside of yourself!


“If the answers to life can be found outside of ourselves in all our worldly knowledge, then those who study the most would have found it. The scholars of our world would be the happiest people in the world. Those who know the most would be leading the most fulfilling lives. But are they?” (Richard Dotts)

Are they?

An interesting point to ponder, perhaps...



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