• Harry Van Koll

When was the last time you REALLY listened to yourself?

When you find yourself repeating the same negative or self-destructive patterns in your life (and no matter what you try to do, you keep going around in circles only to end up back where you started), you really have to just stop, take a breather and LISTEN to what you are trying to convey to yourself.

Yes, it is YOU that’s trying to tell yourself something.

When we find ourselves caught in these repetitive cycles it may seem like it’s out of our control, but really we are doing it to ourselves.

On some level, perhaps even Unconsciously, we are stopping ourselves from moving beyond this pattern because there is yet something we haven’t learnt from it that must be made aware before we can move forward.

This is classic self-sabotage.

It’s not a nice word, no.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are consciously deciding to stay put where we are stuck, I mean, to an extent we technically are, but what’s really going on here is there is some kind of Unconscious issue pending that we aren’t aware of that is overriding and preventing us from being able to break through this cycle consciously - as long as it remains unresolved.

Take notice of what feelings arise when you find yourself back where you started.

Ask yourself what you could possibly be getting from staying where you are?

There’s ALWAYS some sort of payoff.

There’s always some reason you’re keeping yourself stuck where you are.

What would happen if you DID move forward?

What COULD happen that you might not be ready for or wanting?

What could moving forward MEAN that you may be afraid of?

What feelings and thoughts arise?

Really listening to yourself here is of utmost importance! Create some time and space for yourself to really clear your mind and allow space for these thoughts and feelings to arise.

If you can’t create time and space for yourself, I wonder why?

I wonder what you could be trying to avoid?

This would be a perfect example of the payoff you would get from staying staying in the destructive pattern of always being ‘too busy’ to make time for yourself. When you decide to create time and space for yourself, you are consciously creating TIME and SPACE for your unconscious feelings to arise. You may just surprise yourself with what comes up for you.

And this will be your key to unlocking the cycle you’re stuck in. It sounds simple, but all truth is. Enlightenment is simple. A breakthrough happens when all the complexity of your thought-loops and feelings finally collapse upon themselves and reveal the simple truth that has always been underlying everything.

It’s ALWAYS much simpler than you can THINK.

So don’t over-think it.

Purposefully create time and space for this and then just decide to become open and vulnerable to yourself and allow yourself to be receptive to what you may become aware of in your mind and heart.

Listen without thinking.

Like you would a friend who really needs your help.

Become open.

See what arises.

And don’t make excuses!

Stop believing your own bullshit and get real honest and vulnerable with yourself.

You REALLY have to do that.

Because once you really do that, that’s when you’ll start to get somewhere.

You already have all the answers you’re looking for.





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