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‘NOW’ is called ‘The Present’ for a reason...

Because when you overcome your anxiety and overthinking, you give yourself a gift that is yours forever.

And it is always here and now.

I got to catch up with a client today who is experiencing this incredible gift in her life after too many years of overthinking and anxiety that was beginning to take over who she was. This amazing person has now taken back control of her mind and her SELF, and is now living her life freely and happily, enjoying life in the Moment - no matter what she is doing!

The moment is always here and now.

If you’re an over-thinker or suffer from anxiety, these are cycles that we unconsciously create to distract ourselves (without realising) from that NOW.

But what would the Unconscious Mind want to distract you from the present for, I hear you asking?

This is a fantastic question.

The Unconscious Mind is the part of you that does everything automatically. A lot of those things are set up there in place to keep you alive without you having to (consciously) think about it - like breathing, circulation of blood, hunger, etc).

I mean imagine if you tried to manage all of the processes of your body and mind, consciously. It’s impossible! So you should be thankful that you have an Unconscious Mind that is doing all of this incredible work FOR YOU in the background.

Your Unconscious Mind is always keeping you safe, and protecting you from what it believes you need that safety and protection from.

So you have to ask yourself, if anxiety and overthinking are things that are happening automatically, ie. unconsciously, and the main thing that this stops you from having in your life is peace and happiness in the present moment and to just be able to be yourself and trust yourself to be okay in that moment, without that all fear, dread and worry, I wonder why the Unconscious Mind would want to keep you away from that?

The key lies in those emotions, pain and feelings that keep arising and coming up in the present moment that you try and try to distract yourself from. These feelings arise unconsciously, that is to say they come from somewhere within you that you’re unaware of.

They come from unresolved issues that your Unconscious Mind is trying to protect you from dealing with.

It’s like a part of you knows that you need to face the things that maybe you’ve been blocking out for quite a while. It’s all the feelings that come up every time you try to enjoy yourself or find a moment of peace in your life.

If you’re finding you’re always stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage, and every time you think you’re okay, those feelings and that anxiety creeps back up from behind you and rears it’s ugly head turning that peace back into worry and self-doubt...


Those feelings that keep coming back to haunt you ONLY COME BACK because they need your attention! It’s you’re amazing Unconscious Mind looking out for you. It’s saying “I’m not going to let you move on with your life UNTIL you face finally these things!”. Because it knows you’re not ever really going to be able to move on and enjoy your life whilst these issues remain pending and unresolved.

It wants REAL happiness for you.

Because, deep down, you know you want what’s really best for you. And if you’re ever going to be able to enjoy your life and be happy in the now, that ‘now’ needs to be clear and free. Or else every time you find yourself in the present moment, those old feelings will be there waiting for you.

When you face yourself, you finally FREE YOURSELF!

There’s nothing like the feeling that comes with finally dealing with your shit and liberating yourself from that fear and pain.

Because as I said right back in the beginning of this post, as one of my clients is experiencing now and living, when you finally face YOU and everything you’re carrying in the present moment and you finally resolve that stuff, you give yourself the one gift that is like no other gift that you can receive.

Because YOU are giving it to yourself.

That gift is YOU.

Because what exists in the NOW, the one thing that exists here and now and is always here and now, IS YOU.


And the REAL YOU is waiting there for you, just on the other side of facing yourself and everything you haven’t been dealing with up until now.

The REAL YOU is underneath all that pain somewhere, underneath all of that fear, all of those emotions.

It’s time to release YOU.



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