• Harry Van Koll


One of the fundamental fears at the base of Anxiety is the fear that something bad is going to happen. But this fear can only exist in the present moment if you don’t actually trust yourself enough to decide that everything is actually going to be okay.

The emotion that fuels this fear of what COULD happen overrides and overwhelms your decision-making capabilities, causing you to feel out of control and this can lead to an anxiety or panic attack.

But have you ever questioned what might happen, if what you truly fear in that moment actually came about?

What makes you think you couldn’t trust yourself enough to face it by yourself and actually move through it?

Imagine if you COULD face what you fear during an anxiety attack and you actually got yourself through it and now you’re on the other side wondering what you were even scared of?

Really think about it.

How do you not trust yourself enough to face what scares you in that moment?

How much WOULD you have to trust yourself to overwhelm the fear in that moment?

Thinking about this will lead you closer to who you really are beneath the anxiety. Closer to the person that you actually are that CAN breakthrough this cycle and move through it completely.

Because there IS a part of you that can break through the cycles of anxiety, fear and self-doubt.

And that part of you is who you need to reconnect with NOW.

That part of you is what makes YOU the person you can trust in any scenario.

That part of you is the person you really are, that can grow beyond anxiety once and for all so you can actually start to move forward in your life and enjoy it!

And that person that you really are, is always waiting for you right on the other side of everything you THINK you‘re scared of.



I help people beat their anxiety FOR THEMSELVES so they can reconnect with who they REALLY are, feel like themselves again and finally move forward in their lives.

Learn More: www.harryvankoll.com.au

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