• Harry Van Koll

The only thing stopping you from getting out there and achieving what you want to is YOU!

I mean imagine if you were so happy with your life and so fulfilled in everything you do, that getting out there into the world and doing what you know you’re truly capable of with nothing holding you back, was actually easy?

What’s really stopping you from doing that?

What feelings arise when you think about putting yourself out there into situations that may challenge your current character?

What feelings?

Actually stop for a moment right now, and feel them.

And I’m sure if you’ve ever really thought about this for any length of time, you've probably come to the conclusion that really, logically, regardless of how you feel there isn’t actually anything stopping you.

That actually there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t be able to just get out there, face your fears and do what do you really want to do in your life.

Yet somehow you feel stuck.

Somehow you feel trapped in a cycle that’s preventing you from moving forward in your life, that every time you try to make a constructive change or implement a new strategy to grow beyond your current self - you end up right back where you started.

And the more you think about this, the more confusing it gets. The more you try to think about what exactly is keeping you stuck in this repetitive stalemate, the further away you seem to get from actually solving it. And the closer you get to finally realising, that you actually don’t know.

And this is a REALLY good place to be.

Because the sooner you consciously release everything you THINK you know about why you’re stuck where you are, the faster you can UNCONSCIOUSLY start to move beyond the problem.

Think about facing a fear.

In the whole lead up to actually facing a fear you’ll be thinking about every reason why you shouldn’t, why this idea is ridiculous and how you’d be happy to go about your life having never faced it. But then you’ll pull yourself together, build up enough courage and realise that actually, you need to do this regardless of everything that is coming up to try and stop you from doing it.

You realise that the only thing stopping you from doing this right now is yourself.

And when it actually comes to the very act itself of facing your fear, WHAT ALWAYS HAPPENS?

A peculiar thing ALWAYS happens…

And this is your clue.

You stop thinking.

You eventually get yourself to the point where tell yourself to shut up and just do it. Because if you keep thinking about it any longer, you’ll talk yourself out of it and never actually do it - and you realise that.

Think about what is happening here.

What happens is you eventually somehow turn off all logic and release everything you think you know about what’s going to happen and then:

You just trust the moment and do it without thinking.

You consciously release all of your thoughts around the fear.

And then what happens?

You just do it.

You allow yourself to break the repetitive thought-loops and cycle that has always stopped you from doing this.

And you do this without thinking.

You do this Unconsciously.

This is why no matter how much you try to THINK your way out of your issue, you never actually get anywhere. And it’s not until you just stop thinking altogether and let go of all logic, that the cycle finally breaks and you can move beyond it.

It’s not until you trust yourself and trust your Unconscious Mind that you can finally grow beyond your fears and actually start to move forward.

You see the only thing that is ever really stopping from doing anything, is the THOUGHT that you can’t.

The only thing that is ever really stopping you, is you.

So trust yourself to go beyond what you think you can’t do!

After all you’re the only one that can do it.

Who else would you trust?



I'm a Hypnotherapist helping Entrepreneurs & Business Owners beat their Anxiety so they become HIGHLY CONFIDENT in who they are and can HANDLE ANYTHING.

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