• Harry Van Koll


If the measures you’re currently taking to overcome your anxiety and work on yourself keep failing or work temporary but only to keep coming back, you have to STOP and ask yourself WHY?

I mean what’s the point of putting so much effort in to new health regimes, anxiety management techniques and different therapies if they don’t actually fix the root problem that remains unresolved?

This becomes obvious when you’ve tried in the past so many ways of getting to the bottom of your problem only for it to keep coming back and repeating the same cycle.

This can only mean one thing:

You still haven’t faced the real issue...

You still haven’t faced YOU.

And as long as you keep avoiding what’s really going on here by trying more and more ways to not deal with YOU, you’re only continually distracting yourself from the real work that needs to be done and this can only go on for so long.

You can only keep repeating this same destructive pattern for so long.

Until you deal with the real problem here, until you face YOURSELF, nothing you try will ever work and the cycle will keep repeating forever.

Cycles repeat for a reason.

They repeat over and over again because there’s a mechanism within them that you aren’t noticing.

And until you become aware of what that is they will keep repeating (for your own benefit!) until you see the message and do something about it.

Your Unconscious Mind will keep you stuck in this same pattern because it’s trying to communicate something to you that needs addressing before you can move forward.

You have to reconnect with yourself and go within to hear this message and get back in touch with who YOU really are deep within yourself.

Because if you find yourself stuck repeating patterns in your life and can’t seem to break free from them or move beyond them, then you would probably also agree that you have become disconnected from who you really are to some degree.

You probably remember how you used to feel and haven’t felt like ‘you’ for quite some time.

You probably know your potential and what you are really capable of if you could only break through this pattern and get back in touch with that person.

You see the only reason all the techniques and and other things you’ve tried out there haven’t worked for you yet is because you still haven’t faced the real issue.

Until you face yourself and start to get back in touch with who YOU really are, everything else only serves as a distraction from this inner-work.

You have to ask yourself, what is stopping you from doing this?

What about yourself are you avoiding?

What about YOU are you avoiding to the extent that you constantly try to distract yourself from it?

All the answers you have been looking for are already there within you.

You just have to DECIDE to listen.


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