• Harry Van Koll


What do you normally do when you experience anxiety?

When the feelings of nervousness and panic set in, I bet you try to ignore it and push it away right?

Or maybe you let it influence your thoughts and start to change to catastrophic, over-analytical-doomsday thinking?

I bet the last thing you would think to do would be to open yourself up completely to the feeling and feel it EVEN more right?

Feelings come from your Unconscious Mind, and this is one of the ways your Unconscious Mind communicates with you, and is why a lot of feelings don’t make sense at first.

And when you have a feeling but try to ignore it or distract yourself because you don’t like how it feels, you are actually ignoring your Unconscious Mind.

And your Unconscious Mind will keep bringing the feeling back again and again until you listen to it!

In fact the best thing you can do when you notice a feeling you don’t like or understand, is to notice it EVEN MORE and become even more aware of the feeling and feel it as much as you can!

Then, start to question it.

Criticise it.

Why would you just accept a feeling for what you’ve always thought it to be?

Question it!

Don’t believe your old thoughts just because you’ve always thought them.

Challenge them!

I mean, imagine if this whole time that feeling was actually something different to what you always ‘thought’ it was?

Ask yourself “Do I really believe what I’m feeling right now?” “What is this feeing actually?”

And sit in it.

CHANGE your posture to a more relaxed and positive one, and then sit in the feeling.

Follow it.

Notice it begin to change.

Then question it even more!

Then breathe.

You see, the worst thing we can do with a feeling is ignore it.

I mean they are called FEELINGS. You’re supposed to FEEL them!

And your Unconscious Mind brings these feelings up because it’s trying to show you something that needs your attention.

So listen to yourself!

Don’t distract yourself from it. Do the exact opposite of what you would normally do.

After all, why would you keep doing what you normally do if that doesn’t work?

Don’t ever be afraid to feel your feelings.

Face them.

Because YOU are feeling them, they are your feelings, so really, you are facing yourself.

Let that sink in for a moment.

By facing your anxiety you are facing yourself.

This is how you get to know yourself.

This is how you start move beyond anxiety.

Because YOU are waiting for yourself on the other side of all those feelings you’re afraid of.


I help people BEAT anxiety so they can reconnect with who they REALLY ARE and finally start to move forward in their lives.


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