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Still have Anxiety but you’ve tried everything? YOU’RE WORKING ON THE WRONG PART OF THE PROBLEM.😲

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to beat your Anxiety, overcome your Panic Attacks or heal your PTSD, if you have gotten help in the past but it hasn’t really fixed your problem in the long-term, if you feel you’ve never really gotten anywhere and you’re still stuck with the problem, it’s simply because up until this point you have been:


You see, when you only work on what you THINK the problem is, you are only working with the ‘conscious’ part of it, which is only the part of the problem you’re ‘aware’ of.

And that leaves everything else you are unaware of completely untouched!

It wholly ignores the ‘unconscious’ problem at the root of it that is actually driving this whole thing!

You see, the whole reason a problem remains unresolved even after years of working on it consciously, is because the root issue has never been made contact with.

And what happens is when I work with clients through hypnotherapy, we start to have a conversation not just with the Conscious Mind but also with the Unconscious Mind which is where the real problem at the base of everything else actually exists.

And it’s always a peculiar thing when someone finally has their personal breakthrough, and the ‘unconscious’ root of their problem finally becomes ‘conscious’, it is always something completely different from what they THOUGHT their problem was, and they suddenly realise that is why they had been getting nowhere all of this time because they were working on the wrong thing!

I mean it makes sense really.

If you knew the whole of your problem, if you knew the entirety of your anxiety and where it was all coming from, well you could just take steps to fix it right?

Use some techniques, try some proven strategies and fix it.

You wouldn’t actually have a problem.

You would know what it’s about and could take actionable steps to deal with it.

But if that doesn’t work for you and you’ve done this before and still find yourself stuck with the problem even after trying countless ways of dealing with it, it’s not because the techniques don’t work - it’s because the real problem is still unconscious and you’re working on the wrong thing.

In fact one of the most difficult parts of suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or PTSD is that you don’t know why it keeps happening.

And it happens seemingly ‘by itself’.

Which it does! Although you aren’t as disconnected from that phenomena as you may feel.

You see, it feels like it happens by itself and that it’s outside of your control simply because it is being controlled by the unconscious part of you.

Just as you can unconsciously pump blood through your body and breathe without having to THINK about it, just as you can feel scared automatically by something, or burst into laughter without trying, so too are all the symptoms and effects of anxiety completely unconscious.

They are like a message from a deeper part of you, just as I was alluding to above, they are a signal from deep within you letting you know there is something you’re unaware of that needs your attention.

I’ve experienced this myself.

I know what it’s like to feel real anxiety and experience traumatic panic attacks and not know what the fuck they are about or even where they are coming from.

And let me tell you from my own experience AND from the experience of every client that I work with, when you have your unconscious breakthrough, when you finally connect to the real, deep inner root of where all of this anxiety and the problems in your life are stemming from, it’s like finally getting to release and let go of years worth of pain and emotion that you had been carrying somewhere within you without really knowing why.

And it’s like you knew it was there the whole time, and the best way you could explain or describe it was as ‘anxiety’ or any other label that seemed to fit but not really capture it wholly or satisfactorily.

And when you finally do have this deep breakthrough, it’s like getting closure about something that started a very long time ago and has been unresolved within you this whole time.

So it really starts to make sense why working consciously on the symptoms you’re having, or on what you THINK the problem is, just doesn’t work.

You really have to go much deeper than that and work on the unconscious part of this issue if you ever want to find true healing that actually means you can let go of it properly and move forward - and not just manage it.


You just have to work on the real issue! (Which is never what you THINK it is...)

You just have to face yourself and go within.

Because YOU have EVERYTHING you need within yourself to completely heal yourself.

No one else has that.

You’re looking for YOU.


I am a Conversational Hypnotherapist which means I work directly with the Unconscious Mind as well as the Conscious Mind, which allows me help people that suffer from Anxiety finally get to the actual root-cause of their problem once and for all so they can resolutely move forward with their lives, knowingly, confidently and with a deep sense of personal connectedness and resilience.

I help people achieve this is my ⚡️Anxiety Breakthrough Transformation™️.

If this is something that interests you, the best thing for us to do would be to jump on the phone and have a chat so we can start to go a bit deeper into your issue, you can get some real clarity around where your problem is stemming from and we can work out if this Transformation is going to be right for you.

You can book this Anxiety Clarity Phone Session with me here:


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