• Harry Van Koll


You know what it’s like when you are so stuck in your thoughts about something and all you can do is endlessly analyse the situation which only creates more confusion and feelings of helplessness.

And the more you try to think your way out of it the deeper into it you go - and the further away from actually solving it you get. And it feels like there is no answer.

This is the redundant cycle that overthinking leads you into and locks you in.

It doesn’t actually get you anywhere or help the situation at all...

More ‘thinking’ isn’t the answer. It’s like a finger-trap that tightens the more your try to escape it.


You can’t use the broken logic of the loop you’re stuck in to break free from it.

You have to hijack the very logic that overthinking is made of.

To break the cycle of ‘over-logic’ you have to do something completely ILLOGICAL.

It’s actually really simple.

Simplicity dissolves the very foundation that complexity is built upon.

Overthinking is just complexity gone wild.

Use simplicity to hack overthinking and it will never see you coming:

When you notice yourself overthinking, challenge each thought you have with it’s exact opposite until the thought-loops collapse upon themselves.

Do this one by one until all of the associated anxious thoughts have completely disintegrated into now nothingness.

The key here is to be IMAGINATIVE with this.

Be really ridiculous.

Have fun with it.

Come up with really silly opposite thoughts that laugh in the face or the really ‘serious’ anxious thoughts.

Imagination overrides logic which is the stuff that ‘overthinking’ is made of. Imagination is free and infinite and can’t be locked or trapped by logic. Now obviously I’m not saying do away with logic altogether. But the logic that got you trapped in the overthinking is ‘broken’ logic. It’s logic that needs a refresh.

So hack the code that this cycle is built upon and apply the complete opposite idea to each anxious thought you have until they collapse upon each other and your mind ends up completely blank.

This ‘blank-ness’ is very special.

This state of ‘blank-ness’ is so powerful because it is like a clean slate of pure open possibility.

It’s raw thought-land. And here is where your mind is now completely open for you to create new thoughts and better, more constructive ideas that actually support what YOU are trying to do.

Here is where you can start to decide what you want to think instead.

Here is where your feelings are now free to move and express themselves so they can do what they need to instead of being trapped and stuck by thoughts. Get to know yourself here. This is more YOU than you can possibly ‘think’!

When you realise that you can create your thoughts and that YOU are actually the author behind them and the writer of your own story, you can start to change your life.

You begin to re-empower yourself to be the author-ity of your life.

Taking back authorship of your thoughts is taking back control of yourself.

And when you have self-control, you have control of your life, because your-life is a reflection of your-self.


I help people break through the anxiety-cycle so they are free to re-connect with who they truly are and move forward in their lives.

Learn More: www.harryvankoll.com.au

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