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Overcoming Anxiety means getting your SELF back...

Anxiety is the result of having become to a certain degree, disconnected from who you truly are.

This disconnection creates the feeling of confusion and not understanding yourself, which of course then creates more fear and panic, as well as a sense of self-doubt that occurs from forgetting who that ‘self’ is.

And when left unresolved, this background fear and doubt turns into an anxiety that is based upon feeling anxious about the fact that you’re feeling anxious.

And this turns into a non-stop feedback loop that gets worse and worse and worse until you interrupt the pattern by facing the core issue at the bottom of it all.


And what’s at the core of all of it?

➡️ YOU ⬅️

Anxiety isn’t just some random ‘thing’ that you ‘have’ for no reason, it’s the feedback you’re getting from your inner-most self that you are somewhere out of alignment with who you truly are.

You’ve temporarily got yourself into a position where you feel you have lost yourself, so to overcome this thing you have to really start getting honest with that.

You have to take off that mask of who you’re currently pretending to be and start to get real honest with who you actually are and why you’re trying to run from that.

You have to ask yourself why you‘re discontented with the way you feel, and why you are rejecting who you fundamentally are which includes ALL of your feelings - every single one of them.

Because when you try to be something other than who you are, not only are you dismissing your own power, but you’re projecting a version of yourself as something that is ‘outside of you’, that you do not yet ‘have’ and in so doing you will never have it.

You will only keep ‘not having’ it.

And so you get this feedback-loop where you are constantly at war with who you are and fighting against yourself.

And of course, the feelings you’re rejecting usually win the fight because you’ve relinquished you’re own inner-power, leaving you feeling powerless.

How can you be powerful if you fundamentally don’t trust who YOU are?

How can you calm yourself down from panic or be confident in the face of fear if you don’t accept yourself fully including all of your feelings?

How will you ever know who YOU are if you don’t allow yourself to feel ALL of who that is?

Feelings are called FEEL-ings for a reason.

They are meant to be felt.

When you resist, block out or try to run from your emotions, they get stuck.

When you try not to feel your feelings or are scared of them, they get stuck.

They get stuck and you turn them into ‘monsters’.

You turn them into something that ‘isn’t you’, and you seperate then from ‘you’ and then they become scary.

But a monster is only scary until you face it.

When you accept ALL of your feelings openly as part of who you are, you free them to move and change.

Feelings only stick around when you resist them!

When you accept them openly, they move as they are supposed to and they can change into the next feeling.

In fact the quicker you accept all of yourself and how you feel in the moment, the quicker the feelings move.

You can try this next time you’re scared or nervous.

When you feel that nervous energy, just accept it and tell it to hurry up! Tell it to go even faster! Hurry up and get it over with!

Do the OPPOSITE of what you’d normally do. Don’t be scared of being ‘scared’. This way you interrupt the pattern at the outset, and you take the monster’s power away.

And what you’re doing here is you’re allowing the feeling to move and do it’s thing.

You’re allowing it to be a feel-ing. So really feel it and then notice how it changes.

If you let a feeling do it’s thing, you free it and it cannot stay the same. It only stays the same when you block it by being afraid of feeling it.

When you allow yourself to feel it without resisting or judging it, it flows and it changes.

And as you do this kind of thing, you are getting more and more back in touch with yourself.

You are learning to trust in who you are again, and that you’re actually okay just as you are, in any given moment.

It’s like rebuilding an old friendship that you used to have with yourself. A friendship with yourself built upon trust and confidence in your whole being.

This is how you begin to reclaim your own power.

Because a person who accepts themselves wholly and can ride with all of their feelings, has access to the power of their entire being.

They are no longer fragmented, but complete.

When you let your feelings move like water, it doesn’t matter what rocks lie ahead because water flows uninterrupted through them, regardless.

When you stop fighting your own feelings and finally face them, you can free yourself from the emotional prison that you’ve created for yourself.

Those bars are only made of fear.

And fear is just ‘inverted faith’ in yourself!

You are ALWAYS in control of yourself, you don’t have to try to be, just realise that you already are.

Trust yourself to be yourself fully.

Trust yourself to move straight through that fear!

The REAL YOU is waiting there for you on the other side of it...


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