• Harry Van Koll


You CAN overcome panic attacks and anxiety episodes if you start to listen to what your Unconscious Mind is trying to tell you through them.

Anxious episodes and panic attacks can ruin your life because they seem to just rear their ugly heads every time you try to do something even seemingly ‘normal’.

You try to be happy, you try to distract yourself but no matter what you come up with they STILL persist.

There IS a reason they keep coming back, even if it baffles you as to why.

In fact, the very reason you DON’T KNOW why they keep happening is your BIGGEST clue.

Too many people waste their time learning different techniques and tricks just to manage their anxiety and panic attacks. You become an expert of disguise and a master at distracting yourself when you feel them coming on...

But that doesn’t really work.

Because when they arise it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, they come at you of nowhere - even when you’re NOT THINKING about them.

And that’s your next clue.

They don’t just happen when your think about them, they also happen when you’re NOT thinking about them, and you have no idea where they come from.

There’s your answer.

You don’t know where they come from because they are UNCONSCIOUS.

And this is the reason why when you try to think about where they’re coming from, you can’t come up with an answer.

Because they come from a place you are unaware of.

Just like how you can burst into tears or laughter, or feel depressed or angry seemingly out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. These are unconscious moments that happen by themselves. They are involuntary.

Panic attacks and anxiety episodes are intense Unconscious moments that can happen anywhere at any time (your Unconscious mind has no concept of time and space). They represent a deeper, unresolved problem within you that NEEDS addressing and this is how your Unconscious Mind is communicating that to you.

It’s like an old pending bill from years ago that you didn’t take any notice of when you got it and still hasn’t been finalised. And since then it has increased and the bill gets bigger and bigger the longer you leave it! And these unresolved, Unconscious problems get worse and worse until you do something about them!

So you have to listen to yourself!

You deserve to give yourself your own attention.

You deserve to make yourself a priority in your life.

Stop putting yourself off and distracting yourself from what’s really going on.

Stop sugar-coating your life and pretending it’s all good when it’s not!

There comes a point when you have to bite the bullet and just start working on this.

You have to face yourself eventually.

Because the answer to ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS actually lies within YOU

There is a POWERFUL part of yourself that you’re not even aware of that has all the answers to your questions. And it has the key to releasing the old, unresolved emotions and feelings that arise in a panic attack or anxious episode.

Listen to what your Unconscious Mind is trying to tell you.

Listen to yourself.

It’s all about time, wouldn’t you say?


I help people release the old emotions fuelling their panic attacks so they can beat their anxiety and feel like themselves again.

Learn More: www.harryvankoll.com.au

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