• Harry Van Koll

Indecision creates indecision - Decide to BELIEVE in what you decide!

Anxiety is rooted in not believing in yourself enough to trust your own decisions in the moment.

When you really reconnect with who you are and start to believe in your own decisions, you start to take back control of your life and realise that you have been the author all along.

And if you‘re not deciding to author your own life, you’re handing that power over to something outside of you.

In doing this you give up control.

But when you decide to believe in your own decisions, you relocate that power back into yourself and learn to trust in who you are in any given situation.

And when you can trust yourself in any situation, you can decide to move through what you previously thought you couldn’t.

And as you start to trust yourself to the extent that you can finally begin to face your fears, as you face them you realise they were never really there, and they only existed because you decided not to face them.

And in facing your fears you realise with each one you are facing more and more of yourself.

And each fear you expose for the illusions that they are, are like more and more layers you’re slowly peeling away to reveal to yourself who YOU are.

And this is the powerful part of yourself you can reconnect to that CAN move beyond anxiety and fear.

Because it’s who YOU really are.

You just have to start deciding to trust in yourself.

AND THEN decide to trust in that decision. 😉

Because it all starts with YOU and only you can decide to do this.


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