• Harry Van Koll

Facing the fear and anxiety of facing yourself is the very first step toward TRUE healing...

Avoidance impedes change. Excuses impede change. Putting things off for ‘later’ impedes change.

Because ‘later’ never happens... it’s only ever NOW, and NOW is where everything changes.

And eventually, you’re going to have to stop avoiding the issue and make that decision to finally face the fear of facing yourself, your anxiety and your depression.

It can seem daunting, yes, because it requires a leap of faith, in yourself. Which can be a hard thing to do especially if you’ve been suffering with anxiety or depression for some time.

The very act of trusting yourself, in itself, can create anxiety.

That’s the funny thing about anxiety, it’s full of these illogical feedback loops of being anxious about the fact that you’re feeling anxious, which compounds the anxiety and depression over and into itself leaving you stuck within it all, and it can be hard to see the way out.

But it all starts with that first step, that first challenge.

The challenge of trusting that you can trust yourself enough to make that decision to face all that fear, worry and dread.

That is the very first step.

Yes it can be daunting, but as you can imagine the rewards of this radical decision far outweigh the initial challenge.

All change happens in the present moment, because the present moment is what’s always changing.

This is where you have your power, in the NOW.

You can’t change the future, you can only change now, which in effect, changes the future, which is just more ‘now’ anyway.

This is the seat of your power.

It’s all in YOU right now.

When you take that leap of faith to toward yourself, no matter how far away you feel from who you truly are right now, your truest self will be there, waiting for you, waiting to catch you as you step into who you really are...

And it all starts with that first step of trust.

YOU have to show yourself that you trust yourself first.

YOU have to make the first move.

YOU, and only you, have the power...


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