• Harry Van Koll

Changing of the Guard...

To live a life beyond anxiety means letting that old guard down and dealing with those old emotions that come up to block you every time you try to improve yourself, grow or do something new in your life...

It’s everything that is stopping you from being able to live your life the way that you want to, freely, without having to overthink every situation all the time.

Anxiety keeps you stuck in a perpetual cycle of worry, fear and self-doubt. But those walls really have to come down if you ever want to move beyond them into a life that is more YOU.

You’ve really got to take that old mask off, if you ever want to change - you know, the one that the real you is actually hiding under.

That old false projection of a limited version of ‘you’ must be cast away! It is the only thing that is holding you back and preventing you from being able to thrive in your life.

But of course, it feels more comfortable behind that mask and behind those invisible boundaries. But what are you really trying to protect here anyway?

Maybe you were hurt in some way in the past, and this is how you’ve learnt to protect yourself from being hurt again, so you unconsciously put this wall up around you whenever somebody might be getting too close?

Maybe you hide behind that mask in social situations because, what if people don’t like the real you if they see you?

But what always happens with this is it never really keeps you safe or protected in the long run - because you end up hurting yourself in the end anyway.

Somewhere down the track you realise how much pain you are in, because you realise you’re living a life that is hollow and disconnected, and it doesn’t reflect YOU.

And because you don’t let anyone see the real you, no one really knows who that is so friendships and relationships that you do have lack any real depth or connection.

So you have to ask yourself, what are you really getting from hiding? From pretending?

Because it’s not protection.

It‘s not safety.

It‘s not comfort.

These things only truly begin to manifest in your life when you have begun to live your life authentically - as the real you.

So you see, that mask, the guard, the emotional barrier, the wall or whatever you describe it to yourself as, IS the one thing that’s keeping you stuck in a shell of a life.

It’s what’s stopping you from living your life’s true potential. It’s what’s stopping you from having deep, honest connection in your relationships with others and also with yourself.

And the longer you leave it, the harder and more brittle that shell gets.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just be able to FLOW with life and bend naturally as you used to be able to? Without constantly having to worry about how you’re coming across, how close someone is getting to you or having to overthink every situation?

Imagine how your life would improve if you were able to finally dissolve those old emotional walls and take off that mask you’re hiding under...

It’s actually quite exhausting maintaining that stance in every situation, constantly having to monitor yourself and overthink every little thing that you do or say.

It may not seem like it but it actually takes so much more effort to live your life this way.

It’s tiring!

Wouldn’t everything just be so much easier if you could just be yourself openly and freely, able to move with life effortlessly, trusting yourself in the flow of life...

There really comes a point where you have to just stop and say enough is enough! And face that person behind it all.

It may seem daunting, but really you are only facing YOU, so you couldn’t be in better hands!

When you trust yourself enough to face yourself and honestly have a look at your inner issues and finally deal with them, YOU are what is there waiting for you there, waiting to catch yourself with open arms...

And the relationship with Self that grows from this connection becomes the safety, comfort and stability in your life that you were always looking for.

And when you begin to emanate this new energy and freedom, and confidence in yourself, you attract these same qualities in the relationships around you.

You really begin to thrive.

So take off that mask! Because the sooner you begin to approach yourself and face all of those pending issues you’ve been putting off, that inbox tray will start to clear, revealing something very special and powerful that was hidden all this time...



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