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The second phase to beating anxiety once you have finally cleared out all of the old emotions, healed all of the old wounds and updated the old Unconscious programming is to start to retrain your mind and decide to take back control of your thoughts and feelings.

Once you have dealt with and released the Unconscious issues that were fuelling the overthinking, feelings of fear and anxiety, you are now free to take back the authority of your mind and of your Self.

You see, having the Unconscious root problem sitting there unresolved for so long meant you had to learn how to deal with it and put up with it so you could just somehow get on with life in the meantime. This usually manifests as a forfeiture of our power and a disownment of our own involvement in the creative process of thinking and feeling.

It becomes easier and easier to let more and more anxious thoughts and feelings race around and we eventually start to relinquish our responsibility of monitoring and moderating them.

We start to ‘pretend’ that the thoughts just pop into our minds and that they aren’t ‘ours’ and we even coerce ourselves into believing that we can’t control them!

Now from the standpoint of not having worked on ourselves properly yet or having dealt with the Unconscious root problem underlying all of this, it can definitely seem like these thoughts and feeling are coming out of nowhere - and that’s because they are! They seem to pop up out of nowhere because they are coming from the Unconscious Mind.

But that DOES NOT mean that it’s not us creating them still. If you want to ever truly start to beat anxiety once and for all you need to really get this point:


Because once you get this, you can slowly begin to take back Authority of ALL of yourself.

And instead of living in fear and feeling powerless, you start to take back full control of your mind and yourself and then you can start to use these thoughts and feelings to your advantage.

Remember when I said that the thoughts that seem to pop into your mind out of nowhere come from your Unconscious Mind?

Well you can use this!

Use these thoughts as crumbs and follow the trail back to their origin. Notice the thoughts that arise as you do this.

Notice especially the feelings. Where did they come from?

Really be critical of these thoughts and emotions that arise.

Imagine you’re putting your thoughts and emotions through really tough job interview.

Don’t take your own excuses.

Start to become ruthless in your discernment of these thoughts and feelings and then if you find they hold no merit, CHANGE THEM!

You see, even if the thoughts and feelings that come from nowhere seem like they are happening all by themselves and it’s ”not you”, all that means is they are coming from a part of yourself that you aren’t yet aware of.

But they are still created by you!

There may be some unresolved problems within you that you haven’t dealt with yet and that’s what these old thoughts and feelings are running off. Anxiety, fear and overthinking need fuel to run on. Having issues unresolved within you is like having a nuclear power-plant of fuel at the ready. So make it your duty to start to deal with what’s going on within you.

You have to face yourself and start to heal the old Unconscious issues that are driving all of this and keeping you stuck where you are. You have to realise that YOU are creating EVERY thought that you have! Take 100% responsibility for your mind and yourself everything that happens within them. Take responsibility for every thought that you have, follow them to their root, test their merit, if you find things you need to deal with then FACE THEM!

Don’t run from them!

Do the Inner-Work.

Do the Unconscious work.

Clear the old emotions and pain.

Then start to change the thoughts you don’t want anymore to create BETTER ones that actually serve you!

Then watch how your life literally changes around you to reflect this new, powerful YOU.


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