• Harry Van Koll


Don’t ever take the thoughts that pop up in your mind as absolute truth or final!

Just because they appear, does NOT mean that’s the way things are.

In fact, quite often these thoughts that just appear from nowhere have arisen from your Unconscious Mind.

And the Unconscious Mind is not logical.

It tries to bring things to your attention through emotion, abstract symbolism, intuition, behaviour, etc.

And your Conscious, thinking Mind is the part of you that catches these thoughts and tries to think about them and make sense out them in your head.

And most of the time, we get it wrong.

Unconscious messages are so often misinterpreted and this is one of the reasons it’s so hard to fix an Unconscious problem just by thinking about it - you get nowhere.

So never take the first thought that pops into your head at face value.

Let it sit for a bit.

Then start to question it and notice what happens as you do this.

When you find yourself all of the sudden realising you’ve been thinking negative or destructive thoughts, break that pattern right there in that moment and consciously DECIDE to think differently.

Your mind is like an artist’s studio where thoughts are still in a their raw, malleable state and haven’t crystallised as ‘things’ yet.

This is exactly where you can change them!

When they are still in your mind, you are able to change them in any way you like - so don’t fall for the illusion that they are ‘real’ yet.

Everything starts in your mind.

And only you have control of what’s going on up there.


Because when you start to do this, you begin to influence your life at the very root of where it all begins. You take up authority in your life and YOU become the decision-maker and author of your own thoughts. And your thoughts are what influence your behaviours which is what determines how you live your life.

When you take charge of the thought-studio in your mind, you are actually taking charge of your life.

In this way, you are actually so much more POWERFUL than perhaps you realise.



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