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Firsts things first.

Anxiety and it’s associated symptoms, whether it’s social anxiety, health-based or however it manifests for you, are a set of ‘Unconscious’ phenomena, ie. they happen all by themselves and can get triggered automatically by certain things in your life and can even seem to come out of nowhere.

But anxiety is NOT random.

And it’s definitely not something that you’re stuck with.

Anxiety is a very purposeful and direct message from your Unconscious Mind trying to get your attention that something within you needs to be resolved.

In the same way that allergy symptoms are an alarm that your body unconsciously uses to warn you about something you’ve come into contact with, anxiety is more complex in nature but still a very basic message that something else is going on within you that really needs your attention.

Anxiety = ‘Not listening to your inner-self.”

And, in this day and age where so many people are so disconnected from themselves, it’s really not surprising that anxiety is one of the most pressing mental health issues of our time.

It’s like the inner-selves of the world screaming out for connection, albeit in a society where any REAL connection is run-away from at first sight.

Anxiety is something we actually cause ourselves on some level, to get our own attention about something that needs addressing.

And our bodies are very clever at coming with new and ingenious ways of getting our attention - especially the more we ignore it!

Panic attacks, fear-response, palpitations, the shakes, shortness of breath, the details of how these symptoms work are completely beside the point...

What is really going on here is that your Unconscious Mind is going to use whatever it can to get your attention and the longer you ignore it, the worse these symptoms will get.

The great news is that as soon as you start to listen to what your Unconscious Mind is trying to communicate with you through the anxiety, you can start to work on the real underlying issue and then the symptoms you were experiencing will naturally begin to stop.

When I work with clients through Conversational Hypnotherapy and we begin to connect with the Unconscious root of their anxiety, the surface symptoms that were associated with it are always the first things to go.

This is because they are like crumbs in a trail leading back to what originally caused the anxiety in the first place, ie, the root-cause.

When you start to get in contact and work with this deep part of yourself, it’s like a part of you that you’ve been unaware of all of this time is finally being listened to - it finally has your attention.

And once your Unconscious Mind realises you are starting the work on the underlying issue that has been waiting there, unresolved all of this time, it starts to take its own creative part in the process of the therapy - this is known as ‘Trance’ and is what all Hypnotherapy is based upon.

And it’s through this peculiar Unconscious phenomena of ‘trance’ that remarkable things begin to happen and true healing starts to take place.

It’s like a part of you has finally been ‘heard’ after all these years and can finally start to get it ALL out and release all of that built up pain and emotion that was fuelling the anxiety this whole time.

And with Anxiety, once there is no more of this Unconscious ‘fuel’ left, there’s nothing to drive anymore it and so the anxiety dissolves.

And this experience is different for everyone. Trance is a unique experience for each person. Your Unconscious Mind will help you and heal you in the way that IT knows is best for you to get the best possible outcome.

I often get asked what hypnotherapy will feel like or what to expect.

The truth is I couldn’t tell you exactly what to expect because it is such a personal thing for each person.

No two sessions are ever the same!

It is quite a remarkable thing and continues to amaze me every time.

And I mean it makes sense right?

No two people in the entire universe experience reality in the same way.

Every person is infinitely different and unique.

So it doesn’t make any sense to treat Anxiety as a general ‘disease’ or disorder and administer treatment or therapy in a generalised way.

The beauty of ‘Conversational Hypnotherapy’ is that it all happens in the moment.

What this does is completely opens up the therapy to be uniquely tailored to you in an unlimited way, so you’re not limited in how you can get your result.

You experience trance in your own way, in a safe and guided environment so that when you do overcome your problem it will be in the best possible way FOR YOU.

This is what makes this type of therapy so powerful, because it is YOU that is healing yourself.

All healing is self-healing.

And in hypnotherapy although the healing may happen Unconsciously - it is still YOU doing it.

And when you begin to grasp the significance of what this means for you and personal growth, you can really start to see how you really do have the ability within yourself not just to heal all of your pain, but completely overcome your anxiety from the very root of it’s genesis so you can finally get back in touch with who YOU really are beneath it.

I help people completely BREAK THROUGH their anxiety so they can finally reconnect with who they truly are and start living.

Learn More: www.harryvankoll.com.au

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