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I speak to so many clients that have tried every technique out there that are somehow supposed make anxiety easier to deal with but simply just don't work in the long run.

They may work temporarily on some level, but if the anxiety persists as an ongoing problem (which it more often does than doesn't) then that means there's something else going on and no amount of techniques is going to make it go away.

This is a BACKWARDS way to be thinking about how to overcome anxiety and actually start grow as a person and move forward in your life.

This is just treating the symptoms and ignoring the cause!

This is like giving up on yourself and saying "this is just the way it is" and then just learning how to put up with it...

But why learn how to put up with something that continually eats away at you every day?

Why keep repeating the same patterns that only have you end up back where your started every time?

Let's turn it around now and look at it from another perspective - an empowering perspective that puts YOU back in control of yourself so you can leave the 'victim' mindset behind forever!

Instead of trying to move forward by ignoring the anxiety, lets go back and look at what is causing it in the first place.

Anxiety is a message from your Unconscious Mind.

Its like your Unconscious Mind screaming for your attention trying to let you know there is something unresolved deep within you that you need to fix!

This is why the anxiety management and mindfulness techniques just fall short every time and honestly don't really work - because the point is being missed.

This is why no matter how much you try to make a positive change in your life and implement new regimens for your health and mind you keep ending up back here.

Your Unconscious Mind is always looking out for you, creating important lessons learned to protect you and help you do what it thinks you want it to do - what it thinks is best for you based on your beliefs and past experiences.

An overly simple example of this is when you're a kid and you touch the burning hot oven only to jump back in pain OUCHH.

Your Unconscious Mind here instantly installs a lesson that will prevent you from doing this again. The anxiety response is the same thing as the pain response, albeit in a slightly different manifestation.

They both happen involuntarily (Unconsciously), and both are triggered as a message to make you AWARE of something you're UNAWARE of that needs your attention.

When overwhelming anxious feelings come up in certain situations its because there is something unresolved within you that is being triggered and brought to the surface but without you consciously knowing what it is.

This is why anxiety is quite often irrational and you don't know why its happening when it does.

So as you can see here any technique you try to help manage your anxiety will always fall short until you have dealt with the Unconscious root of what's causing the anxiety in the first place.

And this is not to belittle mindfulness and management techniques at all. Far from it.

In fact these techniques are very useful and so powerful AFTER the root issue has been resolved and the Unconscious problem has been fixed.

But until then they are just delaying the issue.

Until the root-problem that the anxiety stems from has been healed, they are simply 'bandaid-ing' over a wound that really needs your attention.


I help people finally overcome anxiety so they can reconnect with who they really are, feel normal again and move forward in life.

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