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📣 If you’ve been trying to overcome anxiety or depression for years but you still feel unresolved - it means you’ve been working on the wrong part of the problem...

To fully overcome your anxiety or depression means facing the true unconscious cause of it - and this cannot be done just consciously! This is why you can talk and talk and talk about your problem in therapy or try to manage it through exercises and strategies but you still feel unresolved at your core.

Here’s the truth ➡️ As long as you keep working through this problem only ‘consciously’, the unconscious part of the issue remains completely unresolved and it will keep coming back to haunt you.


Otherwise you’re perpetually leaving your problem unresolved at the root.

It’s like only trimming back a weed in the garden to the surface of the soil, and leaving the weeds roots intact underground, and then expecting it to be dealt with. But what happens? The weed starts to grow again and before you know it, it’s right back to how it was before.

As you know, to really get rid of that sucker, you actually have to dig right down deep all the way to the roots and thoroughly remove everything that you can’t see from above the ground, to get rid of it properly. And when you do that properly, the weed doesn’t come back.

Now one of the interesting things that happens with every client that I see for anxiety or depression, is that when we actually get to the underlying root-issue that has been unconsciously causing the problem the whole time, the nature of it being unconscious means that it’s always something that they had no idea was even a problem, and they had been completely unaware that this issue had been driving the anxiety or depression for all of this time.

So what happens with this is it means for a long time now, if you’ve been working on your problem, or even if you’ve been getting help with it, the reason you still have this issue no matter how hard you try to fix it is because you’ve been working on the wrong thing entirely!

The real problem is unconscious.

And it’s always so amazing to see the look on a client’s face when they finally realise this. When they realise what it’s all been about this whole time, possibly even their whole lives, what they thought they had been working on as the problem, wasn’t the actual problem at all. And they suddenly understand why the problem has seemed so hard to fix in the past. And it all makes sense. And then, they see how easy it actually is to move forward from this!

Because then we can start to work on the right thing and get it all healed once and for all.

Through hypnotherapy we cut right to the root of the problem just like this, like a laser, so then we can heal the issue at its very core.

Because when you heal your problem at its core, at the cause, it means you can finally put it to bed for good and completely LET IT GO, so you can start to live your life as your truest self and move beyond the pain into your freedom.

But you have to face the whole problem, not just the surface symptoms! That is the key.

Heal the root of your problem properly and be done with it.

Who wants to go to therapy for weeks, months or years to slowly heal the symptoms of something when you can cut all that fluff and instead, get to the core of it upfront.

That’s my take on it anyway. I’m all about getting to the core of a problem in as little time as possible and doing what’s necessary for its true healing.

There’s just no point dancing around the real issue for endless hours and hours, distracting yourself from what this is really all about. It makes so much more sense to get right to it and face yourself wholeheartedly.

The sooner you do this, the sooner you get to reconnect with who you TRULY are.

It’s time to get REAL about it.

It’s time to take off that mask.

It’s time for YOU.


I’m a Conversational Hypnotherapist specialising in helping people finally break free from the cycles of Anxiety & Depression so they can finally move forward and start to live their life freely as who they truly are...

You can book a FREE 45min Clarity Phone Session with me to have a chat about your specific issue at: www.harryvankoll.com.au

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