• Harry Van Koll

NOTHING stands between you and your highest ideals except Fear & Self-Doubt - which are illusions...

Fear of failure, fear of lack, fear of sickness, fear of loss... a feeling of any insecurity on any plane...

THESE are the “barriers” that seperate you from living the life that you want.

And I put “barriers” in quotes because, well,


We make them real by entertaining them.

By believing them. By giving them weight.

We unconsciously create these illusory blocks to keep ourselves away from what we really want...

I know, crazy right? But why though?!

Well, maybe on some level, you don’t truly believe you can have the life that you want...

Maybe deep down, you don’t truly believe you deserve to have it or are even capable of having it?

Maybe deep down, you don’t TRULY believe that you are worthy of having the life that you want, a life of happiness, and of freedom - without the guilt, without the worry, without the doubt...

So, what keeps FEAR alive then?




Think about it this way, if you erased ALL of your self-doubt and insecurity, and you believed in who you are, the way you are right now, and you weren’t afraid to make mistakes or “fail”, if you believed you deserved to be truly happy, guilt-free, in every way that you are, to live an abundant life, if you felt truly worthy of having the life that you wanted, and everything in it...


Would you be afraid of getting out there and just making it happen?

No! Of course not.

You would GO for it, full steam ahead, whatever it took!

You would NOT be afraid of life.

You would NOT be afraid of losing ANYTHING either, because there would be nothing to lose,



Your old way of thinking...


(What feelings are coming up for you as you’re reading this? You can bet they are pointing directly to your own beliefs that you currently hold about yourself and what you are worthy of...)

You see, it’s the way that WE think and feel about ourselves, that illustrates the parameters of what we are truly capable of.

NOTHING outside of ourselves is capable of doing this. NOTHING.

And I know it can seem difficult to just change the way that you think.

But, consider that we only unconsciously make it “feel” difficult, because as mentioned above, on some deeper level we still believe we need to keep that old fear, in order to keep us “safe”...

Safe from feeling “unworthy”, safe from “failing”, safe from getting “hurt”, safe from “losing” something...

So, something that you can ask yourself right now is, if I were to just drop the old way that I think, what do I feel I would be losing? What would I be giving up, really?

And then ask yourself, would that really be true? Or is this yet another story that I’m creating to keep myself “safe” again?

WE create our own boundaries in life.

WE hold the “ruler”, that “measures” our “worth”.

WE design our own blocks, all just to avoid feeling something that is only ever based on what WE misperceive and mis-believe about ourselves in the first place!

So, if you’re still reading this post, then:

It’s time to finally FACE these core-issues and cut out that middle-man hey!

It’s time to start where YOU actually begin...

And reconnect with the REAL YOU.

Now, I wonder what edges you are currently drawing around that person?


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