• Harry Van Koll

No one is going to overcome your Anxiety or Depression ‘for’ you!

No amount of prescribed exercises, techniques, coping strategies or someone else’s advice or suggestions is going to help you.

There is only ONE person that has the answer to annihilating these issues from within - YOU.

You can’t rely on somebody else’s thinking, analysis, logic, or advice.

You can’t even rely on your own (conscious) analysis, logic, or conscious efforts and thinking to overcome this kind of problem.

Because the way to actually break through an issue like Anxiety or Depression, does not lie in the realms of conscious thought and endless analysis.

The logical thinking mind can only endlessly analyse.

In fact, this is the cause of all your overthinking.

Trying to work out an unconscious problem with your own conscious thinking is like trying to find your way through an unsolvable maze - with your eyes blindfolded...

You will drive yourself mad, endlessly ruminating and analysing your own thoughts and feelings, which only serves to create more and more anxiety, fear, self-doubt and depression about that fact that you’re experiencing these things in the first place.

It’s an endless loop, that sadly, far too many people actually believe is something that you’re just stuck with for the rest of your life that you just have to learn how to ‘manage’.

If this sounds like you, I cannot stress enough that you are not actually stuck.

Even if right now, you feel like you are.

You are not.

You have just been approaching this issue the wrong way around...

You see, to overcome a problem that exists unconsciously (and you can tell it exists unconsciously because of the way it happens automatically and feels like it’s out of your control), you have to use the same part of your mind that is creating it in the first place...

You have to use that very special part of your mind that is able to break through a problem non-linearly.

Which is NOT the conscious, rational, logical, analysing, ‘thinking’ mind that you’ve been trying to use to fix this issue up until now.

In fact, the more you try to work through this problem logically, the further away you’re actually getting from where you need to be to do it properly.

It’s that other part of yourself that is SO powerful that it can create states as horrible as Anxiety and Depression, that is going to be the only thing that finally helps you dissolve these issues, at their core, once and for all.

The answer has to come from that deeper part of you.

Where ideas and solutions are free to roam without the limitations of logic and linear thinking...

It’s this deeper, special and most powerful part of yourself that you have probably lost touch with over the years, leaving you feeling lost, scared and disconnected from your true self.

Properly breaking through these issues is about reconnecting with this powerful part of yourself.

It’s about getting back in touch with your personal power, with your inner truth.

Because as I said in the beginning of this post, no one else is going to begin that journey inward for you, because no one else CAN do it ‘for’ you.

It has to come from YOU.

So if you’re sick of the exhaustion of struggling to overcome these issues in the ways that you’ve have been trying to, and you’re ready to finally let go of the endless overthinking and self-analysing,

Then maybe it’s time to do things another way...

Maybe it’s time to go against the grain of your old stuck-thinking, and take that leap of faith in the only person that you haven’t yet - YOU.

Maybe it’s finally time, to reconnect with the REAL YOU.


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