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But life, is constant change.

That’s all that ever happens! Any sense of things staying the same is always an illusion. Change is the most natural thing to occur in the universe. In fact, change is the ONLY thing that doesn’t change...

And no matter how much resistance you put up against change, it still happens.

Life is CHANGE. Life is FLOW.

This is a fundamental truth of reality. It’s right there, plain for you to see in front your eyes.

How do we sometimes miss it then?

How do we somehow get ourselves into a panic and stressed-out state about something that is so so natural, something that has always been happening ever since we were born into this world?

This is a fundamental lesson that everyone must go through at some point in their lives. Some people get it earlier than others.

But when you do get it, what you realise through facing this issue, which is a massive revelation that rewards you so deeply, is that actually,


Change is stability.

Change is stability.

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TRUE stability is found in change.

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Things only start to go wrong and become unbalanced when you resist change and try to hold on to things being ‘permanent’.

But nothing is permanent!

The sooner you deeply realise this truth and let go of trying to hold on to reality as if it’s something you can grasp, the sooner you can let go of your anxieties about what’s happening around you.

Because you see, you cannot grasp life.

As soon as you think you have somehow caught it, at that very moment it slips right through your fingers like sand...

You simply will not find stability or security in the material ‘stuff’ outside of you.

If you do, its never true stability because

The stuff outside of you can change at any given moment. This is the nature of reality.

If you place all your security in the ‘things’ you have, you will never feel truly secure in your life and will always be worried about if things change.

You will live a life where you’re always on the look out, always trying to stay safe, always worried about the future.

This is not the way to live!

Read this next sentence slowly and consider it thoroughly:

True security is not found outside of you.

It’s not ‘out there’ somewhere. It’s not in things. It’s not in other people. It’s not in a job.

You will never find any true security outside of you that is stable. Because anything outside of you is subject to constant change and entropy.

True stability and security are discovered INSIDE of you.

When you finally let go of trying to control everything outside and begin to flow WITH the changes of life - rather than against them - this is when you begin discover what true stability really is all about.

And this is not to say you are giving up control of your life at all, or letting the ‘universe’ decide what happens for you, in some kind of disconnected fatalistic way.

This is not what I mean at all!

Because what happens you see, is you get to a point where you are able to ride change like it’s a wave, and if you’re really good at surfing, what you realise after a while is that there IS control found in letting go. More control than you ever realised you had actually! And it’s real control.

Let me explain...

It’s like skiing, if you’ve ever tried that, or perhaps even when you drive really fast in a car or skydive or ride on a bicycle, when you completely let go and start to move fast enough, you can actually let go of the handlebars because the non-resistant movement of the vehicle actually becomes the stability that drives you.

And obstacles come up of course, but you’re able to manoeuvre around or through them very easily, at lighting-speed in fact, without having to even think about it at all! Because in your act of letting go, in that effortless forward movement, is found your truest place of balance.

And obstacles become a game, rather than a threat!

You see when you let go and ride the waves of change naturally, that change BECOMES your place of balance.

And this is when you find yourself syncing up with life and reality, and everything just flows easily and naturally.

Because you begin to trust yourself more in the moment.

And the more you allow life to flow through you and change without any of that old resistance, the more you build that inner trust as you begin to know you are always going to be okay no matter what happens.

And you begin to trust yourself not just in the moment, but that inner sense of flowing balance becomes your true foundation in life, and YOU become the thing that you trust in your life which allows you flow even more easily into the future.

It’s kind of like living an inside-out life.

And this can be a big perspective change if you’ve never considered these ideas before.

Instead of all your awareness being placed outside of you in the world of illusions where nothing stays the same for very long at all, where what happens outside dictates how you feel inside, you invert your awareness inwardly and the inner state of your being becomes the new stability, and you decide how you feel regardless of apparent circumstances outside of you.

And when you do this, you find you have less drama in your life. The circumstances just seem to flow as well and any drama that arises simply disintegrates on-contact with your inner state. Because drama only perpetuates when you try to hold on to it. When you try to hold on to life as if it were a static thing, drama ensues.

Drama is the result of trying to hold onto reality to somehow stop it from changing.

To have drama in your life actually requires a lot of mental and emotional energy. Because life keeps going no matter what you’re upset about, so you really have to use a lot of energy to hold on to the reality you were upset about to keep it ‘real’.

But letting go of it lets it MOVE.

Letting go of it lets life takes its natural course and LIFE does the work for you. LIFE always keeps going, no matter how much you try to worry, stress about it or get upset about it. It just keeps on going - without a care!

It has immense strength in this way.

So let life FLOW and hand your worries over to it!

Let your worries dissolve away back into their native nothingness as life keeps moving...

Become non-resistant.

It sounds paradoxical (as real truths often are), but the less resistant you are to the flow of life, the more control you actually have in it.

You move WITH it.

Not against it.

And when you move with life, you actually have the immense force OF the movement of life moving with you, aiding you to steer that surfboard in any direction you like.

You have the power of the wave behind you.

Imagine trying to move your surfboard in water with no movement. No waves. You would feel hopeless, you would feel like you’re trying so hard to move but wouldn’t get anywhere and it would take so much of your energy trying to control and move the board with sheer manual force alone.

And if you didn’t like waves, and got scared every time one came along, you would try to resist them and they would throw you around as you try to keep your head above the water.

It’s the same with life.

Move WITH the waves of life and you get the power of the waves behind you to push you forward in any direction you choose.

Life is constant change.

Change is the only constant.

Which means change is what you can always rely on because change never changes...

So USE it.

USE the movement of reality.

Build your inner foundation upon this deep bedrock of personal truth and you will become a master of your inner temple and your reality.

You will become a master of your life.

ACCEPT change.

ALLOW life to happen.

Trust yourself to FLOW with life and take the reigns of it.

Trust YOU.


I’m an Anxiety & Depression Specialist Hypnotherapist helping people reconnect with who they truly are and live a life free of fear, worry and self-doubt...

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