• Harry Van Koll

Anxiety & Depression are the result of a deep disconnection from who YOU truly are...

Anxiety and its associated fear, worry and self-doubt, Depression and its associated hopelessness and helplessness all share the same core issue: disconnection from yourself, from your true SELF and the inner, trusted power of that person...

Fear, worry, overthinking, helplessness, self-doubt, are all stemming from a fundamental distrust in life, in the world and ultimately in yourself.

It’s a separation from your own belief in yourself.

It’s a separation from your own power.

It’s a separation from YOU.

And this feeling or state of disconnection, saturates your psychology and every thought you have only serves to continue this deep illusion.

And the longer this goes on, the deeper the depression can get and the more overwhelming the anxiety can become, panic attacks begin, it slowly it spirals until you finally face the core issue...

And it’s all based around this one, core issue that you keep avoiding.

When you finally decide to face yourself and reconnect with who you truly are beneath the anxiety and behind the depression, you finally find your power.

You find the old you, who you used to be before it all got so bad.

You find who YOU are and the real strength of that person.

And once you reconnect with that person, you begin to act from your inner-sovereignty and realise that this REAL you is all that you ever needed to handle anything that life could possibly throw at you.

You realise that this is why all the techniques and strategies and coping mechanisms never truly worked because in the end, they are not YOU, so how could you ever have relied in the long-term on something that isn’t you?

You realise that YOU are what you need.

You realise that you are ALL that you need.

And that you are who you rely on.

And you realise the process of really getting to this powerful place within yourself, was facing every damn thing about yourself that’s in the way of you being able to truly TRUST in that person.

All the walls have to come down, all the masks must be removed.

You have to wipe away ALL of the bullshit that’s in the way and finally just getting to facing yourself.

Because that is where YOU are to be found.

Right here.

Right HERE.

You just have to stop and finally look...


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