• Harry Van Koll


Anxiety and depression are not things you just have to ‘learn how to put up with’ for the rest of your life!

Once you heal the unconscious root-issue underlying the surface symptoms, you finally break free from that old cycle and regain your LIFE back.

Here’s what I mean...

A lot of the ways people try to fix this kind of problem only focus on the surface ‘conscious’ issues, which are the immediate problems that we associate with anxiety and depression.

Working only on these outer symptoms may help lessen or numb the pain of what you’re going through to an extent, but this is always only temporary.

I have so many clients come to me with these kind of issues that they’ve been working on for years without ever really getting anywhere with it, and still feel unresolved.

That’s because most ways of dealing with these issues whether it’s anxiety, depression or even self-confidence, worth, and self-doubt issues only deal with what you ‘think’ the problem is.

The true cause though of these kinds of issues, and this is the case every time with clients I see that are able to permanently and finally deal with these issues, the true cause is never, ever, ever what they ‘thought’ it was.

Anxiety and depression spur from deeper unconscious issues, and sometimes issues that could even seem completely ‘unrelated’, that you’ve either forgotten about, are unaware of, or are aware of but not to the extent of how these issues are actually are affecting you in the background, eating away at you without you even realising it.

But that’s exactly why you have the anxiety and why you suffer from depression. These are the outer signals that something else is going on deep within you, that needs healing and resolving.

This is what the unconscious mind does.

It protects you from having to ‘go there’ and face these deeper issues, because it doesn’t want you to feel that old pain, so it keeps it away from your consciousness.

But what happens is these deep wounds fester.

And the longer they are left un-dealt with, the further the outer parts of these issues progress into different kinds of problems in your life. Leading to feeling more and more out of control.

The anxiety gets worse, and usually it turns into panic attacks if the root problem is continually left unresolved. The depression goes deeper, and more and more of your energy and motivation are taken from you - UNTIL you face the real problem at the bottom of all of this.

Crazy as it seems, that is the goal that you are trying to achieve with yourself - unconsciously.

You will literally drive yourself madder and madder until you finally give up pretending it’s about the surface symptoms and decide to face that deeper part of yourself.

You get to the point where you realise no-one’s going to change yourself for you.

So you stop looking for remedies to ease the pain, you stop looking for different ways to manage the problem because you’re sick of it and you realise that it doesn’t work.

This is where radical change happens.

Because at this crucial moment, a subtle but revolutionary shift is occurring within you.

You are actually shifting where you place the power and authority in your life, from outside of you, to within you.

You are deciding to finally take responsibility for yourself, and HEAL YOURSELF.


And this is the key...

That change has to happen deep within you, not on the surface. It has to come from within the very core of your being, where there’s no more excuses, no evading, no walls, no pretending that you aren’t powerful enough to heal yourself.

And from this incredibly deep place of vulnerability and openness with and to yourself, sparks change.

This is where the action is.


This is where the change has to happen.

And the first step in this process is to cut the bullshit and the pretending that your problem is out of your power to fix, and finally decide to face those inner issues that you’ve been putting off dealing with for all of this time.

When you do that, you set off a chain reaction within you that leads you toward reconnecting with your truth, with who you really are.

The powerful, independent, self-resilient person that you truly are behind the layers of anxiety and depression that currently keep you down.

You are there.

You are waiting for yourself.

I know you can feel it.

You just have to stop looking out there for it and finally start looking inside yourself for the only answer that will ever truly satisfy you.

It’s YOU.


I’m a Conversational Hypnotherapist specialising in helping people truly overcome anxiety & depression by dealing with the true causes of these issues, so they can finally live a life they enjoy free from fear, worry and self-doubt...

Learn More: www.harryvankoll.com.au

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