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It’s really easy to blame the outside world for our problems and pretend that we aren’t creating our own thoughts and feelings. But to blame anything outside of us for how we feel or think is to disavow our very own power by handing it over to whatever we deem ‘caused’ it and therefore forfeiting our own involvement in it.

This severs the connection to yourself and denies the fundamental truth that YOU are actually at-cause in all of your thinking and emotions. This disowning of ourselves is classic ‘victim’ consciousness. And this is exactly what leads to feelings of powerlessness, loss of control of self and ultimately to the disconnection from who we really are at a core level.

This is a powerless mindset to be stuck in!

As it supposes the idea that you might not be creating your own thoughts or feelings and that you are subject to whatever ‘happens’ to you.

If you’ve been reading my posts then you will right off the bat already know what I think about blaming the world for our problems. If you want to actually begin to take back control of your life and overcome anxiety once and for all, the very FIRST thing you must realise is that YOU are creating ALL of your thoughts and feelings. Period.

And whether you realise you are doing this consciously or you don’t realise that you are doing it unconsciously, it’s still YOU who is doing it. This is a really important and fundamental mindset to evolve toward. Because it’s when you start to see yourself and your thoughts and feelings in this way, you begin to place yourself back ‘at-cause’ in your mind and in your life.

It means you stop blaming circumstances and you give control back to yourself.

You take control of the moment and YOU decide your thoughts.

You take up your power and reposition it from outside of you back to WITHIN you.

Because this is where you can actually use it!

When you relocate your power back into yourself it means that you have taken the radical action of DECIDING to believe in your own decisions and so you have ‘hacked’ the very code that anxiety is built upon - the belief that you have no control - which is also a decision, I might add.

You see, it doesn’t matter what brings your anxiety on, even if it is triggered by something outside of you. You CAN get yourself to a place (through doing the inner-work) where you aren’t just re-ACT-ive to outside stimulus anymore and instead YOU can decide how to ACT in a situation or environment that used to ‘trigger’ you.

But first you have to make that initial mindset switch to realise that YOU are creating all of your thoughts and feelings. And I know at times it definitely can seem like it’s not you and it happens by itself - but within that very observation lies the key to all this. It seems like it happens by itself because until you start to work on this, 95% of your behaviour is probably ‘unconscious’.

It means you’re doing this automatically without realising that you’re doing it.

BUT this does not mean that it’s NOT YOU who is doing it.


You have to take responsibility for your unconscious mind as well! You have to DECIDE to take 100% responsibility for all of yourself if you ever want to KNOW all of yourself. Reactions and triggers are unconscious, but YOU are still causing them. So take responsibility! Because then you can start to work out why they exist.

Why do certain things trigger you? Follow the thoughts and feelings back and find their root.

If you find yourself reacting to certain things or situations, STOP BLAMING THE ‘THING’ THAT YOU THINK DID IT. Take 100% responsibility for yourself and start to question what made you react to it in the first place.

Follow it back. Where did those thoughts or feelings really come from? You may start to realise that they came from somewhere within you. And that what happened outside of you actually has nothing to do with it. This is great, this is where you want to be.

Because it’s from here that you will begin to realise how powerful you actually are and how much involvement you actually have in the way you feel and the thoughts you have.

And this is NOT to trivialise traumatic events that some people may have experienced in their lives. That’s not what I’m saying at all, but I think you already know that.

As some people will already know, the process of healing and actually moving beyond a trauma once and for all is about dealing with and healing the emotions and thoughts still attached to the trauma so you can finally release them. Then you take complete responsibility for yourself in the ‘NOW’ so you can finally move on without blaming or being attached to something that happened in the past. And this is the same process as described above.

This whole process is about leaving the ‘victim’ mentality behind and taking up your power by deciding to realise that YOU are actually in control of yourself right now.

Because by following what triggers you back, you shine a torch on what is hidden within you. You start to become aware of things within yourself that you were unaware of before. And the more you make the unconscious stuff within you conscious, the less you will react to things and instead you can DECIDE how to act in any given situation.

The more you make the unconscious part of you conscious, the more of yourself you see and the more aware you start to become of who you really are and how powerful that person really is.

You start to realise how much control you actually do have in your life.

And you begin to see that anxiety is actually the state of NOT having realised this yet...


I help people break through the anxiety-cycle so they’re finally free to reconnect with who they truly are and move forward in their lives.

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