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FEAR IS FALSE! It’s time to reclaim your SELF and start living your Truth!

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

How do you overcome a fear?

By walking up to the thing you are afraid of and facing it.

Face a situation fearlessly, and there is no situation to face.

Fear attracts the very thing that you’re afraid of and has it follow you everywhere until you face it.

Fearlessness shows that you trust in who you are.

And when you show to yourself that you trust yourself enough to face a thing openly, the thing that you’re afraid of stops needing to appear.

This is the nature of resistance.

As long as you keep resisting a thing (and therefore rigidly trying to control it) it will only keep coming back to you, with greater force, because you’re actually holding onto it tighter and tighter the more you avoid it.

When you can become fluid and non-resistant with a thing and can accept it openly, it can finally go away.

Because when you truly let yourself absorb a thing - without any judgment - you loosen that tight grip and the subsequent ‘need’ to control it, which means you are truly letting it go.

Resistance is holding on.

Acceptance is letting go.

It’s all so counterintuitive, but when you can truly learn to, just as Bruce Lee said “be like water”, things begin to become so effortless that fear becomes your compass toward finding who you truly are.

Let me explain.

All your fears are like layers of illusion. As you peel each one away by openly facing the things that you’re afraid of, you start to reveal to yourself more and more of who you truly are, because you become freer every time you liberate yourself from one of these things that the ‘old’ you was afraid of.

This is the journey towards finding your Self.

It’s not something that you find ‘out there’ on a mountain top.

It’s right here.

The journey is always inwards.

You are waiting for yourself right here behind the layers of illusion that we all create and have created for ourselves since our birth.

Fear is one of the false-beliefs that we are born into.

And it is the duty of every person to liberate themselves from this unconscious programming.

And this is no easy task!

Fear is everywhere, all around us.

Society is built upon it.

Media broadcasts it.

It is a group hypnosis that keeps you trapped and contained and completely unable to move.

But the REAL YOU doesn’t know fear.

And to get back in touch with who you truly are, you have to begin to deprogram yourself from this group-thinking.

You have to start being water in the face of fire and FACE YOUR FEARS thereby exposing them for the illusions that they are.

And each time you do this, you move closer to your own inner-sovereignty.

You start to reclaim your inner-power and through this you stop needing to seek it from an outside source.

Because as long as you keep seeking security from things outside of yourself, you will always be scared within.

But when you flip this on it’s head and begin to trust in yourself through surrendering that ‘need to control’ every situation that scares you, you realign your being with such inner-strength that it doesn’t matter what’s happening outside of you, because that trust you have in yourself is stronger than any false, material security could be.

Everything outside of you changes, constantly.

That is just the nature of reality.

So why would you seek stability outside of you?

It doesn’t make sense.

‘Change’ is the only thing that doesn’t change.

So to seek security and stability outside of oneself is to keep building one's foundations upon quicksand.

True stability is found within.

And once you build that foundation within yourself, that is built with ‘bricks of self-trust’ and ‘mortar of fearlessness’, you give yourself real security that is truly fluid and can adapt no matter what happens in your life, because it is made with YOU as the unmoving centre-point within the ‘spinning-top’ of life.

When life moves around you, you remain stable in the centre of your being.

Nothing is stronger than the centre of stillness that is built within yourself.

It is UNMOVING in the face of adversity.

It is the REAL YOU that goes beyond the limiting fears and worries of who you are currently pretending to be.

It’s time to transcend that fear and those limitations that have always held you back!

It is time to release yourself!

It is time to TRUST yourself.


Start showing yourself that you trust yourself by beginning to peel back those illusory layers of fear.

Go into a situation fearlessly and trust yourself in the face of adversity.

Smash insecurity!

Destroy self-doubt!

The REAL YOU is waiting...


Harry Van Koll.


Im a Hypnotherapist specialising in helping people completely break free from their fear and anxiety so they can reconnect with who they truly are move forward in their lives fearlessly.

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