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Anxiety is a ‘trance of disempowerment’.

It’s outdated programming that your unconscious mind learned at some point in your life, to keep you hyper-aware as a safe-guard from what it deemed harmful at the time.

Anxiety is a state of hyper-awareness based on fear.

But the thing is, even though you’re not in a

fearful situation anymore, the programming is still running as if you are. Because the unconscious mind doesn’t see a difference between the past, present or future.

So you get this fear-response and the anxiety symptoms and behaviours occurring even though there is nothing actually wrong in the present moment, which then makes you wonder why you’re feeling anxious, so then you get anxious about the fact that you’re feeling anxious, and you see how this vicious cycle perpetuates...

It’s a feedback-loop based on a feeling.

And this is what causes chronic anxiety.

And this eventually leads to having full blown panic attacks and can turn into phobias and various other phenomena.

The unconscious mind is still living in that reality it was living in, back when it first learnt ‘anxiety’.

And if the underlying issue that started it all in the first place is still unresolved, well it makes sense that the unconscious mind would still be trying to protect you in the present.

It’s really important to note here, that what’s happening here is this is actually your unconscious mind looking out for you, in the best way it knows how. It’s not ideal, obviously, but it is based off an old ‘lesson’ it learnt to keep you safe at some point in the past, which is now obviously outdated.

So be thankful firstly, that you have an unconscious mind that is always looking out for you, constantly. (It just needs a new, updated way of doing this.)

So as I said earlier, if the underlying issue is still unresolved, it makes sense that the unconscious mind is still trying to protect you in the present with the lesson it learnt.

Although you are not really in the present at all in this state.

You are in a hyper-awareness of the future, of what ‘might’ happen, or you are dwelling in the past, overthinking what ‘has’ happened, all of this anxiety being based on the fact that you’re still very much anchored in the past, that is to say you are still living in that old unresolved state of pain or fear.

This is why just treating the ‘anxiety’ or the surface symptoms of anxiety just doesn’t work. Or if it does, it’s only temporary and inevitably comes back after a while.

Because as long as that old programming is still running, it is still being fuelled by the old emotions and fears of the past and the cycle just keeps on going.

It’s interesting to note here that although the common understanding of hypnotherapy is that you are put into a ‘trance’ to solve your problem, it is actually quite the opposite of this entirely.

It’s much more like interrupting and taking you out of the ‘disempowered trance-state’ that you are currently stuck in, so then you can undo all of the old programming and beliefs that were holding that state together and keeping you stuck that repeating cycle.

A new trance then occurs naturally as a result of this, like a pure state of blissed-out, open neural-plasticity, where you are free, where you have this golden opportunity to change yourself and your future in the moment, to create a profoundly more empowering state of being within yourself and your life.

And the most amazing thing about this is, all these new resources and changes that are occurring, you are creating for yourself, because it all comes from YOU.

Which makes it YOUR’S for the rest of your life.

That’s what makes all this so powerful.

And again, this is exactly why just learning how to ‘manage’ your anxiety or only treat the symptoms of it just does not work in the long run.

You simply CANNOT get the answers YOU need to overcome YOUR unique and specific issue out of a book or from somebody else’s head.

It has to come from YOU.

A good therapist doesn’t tell you what they think you should do.

A good therapist creates the perfect space for YOU to discover how to do this in your own way, because they have been through it before themselves and are therefore able to carefully nudge you in the right direction.

And that ‘direction’ is YOUR direction.

In my Anxiety Breakthrough Transformation, this is the angle I come from and this is exactly what I will help you achieve for yourself.

We start with a Breakthrough Hypnosis Session where you will finally break free from your old anxiety-programming, then you will have my support as you begin to rediscover the REAL YOU and integrate these new changes you’re creating for yourself into your life.

You will have me as a mentor, as someone who has personally been through this process themself, as you start to move forward with your life and take back control of your mind and your self.

So if you’re like I was and you’re tired of being told ‘how’ to fix your anxiety based on somebody else’s ideas, then it’s time to take responsibly for yourself and find your own answers that are already waiting there inside you.

It’s time to take back your own self-authority and reconnect with who YOU truly are.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes by the grandmaster of therapy himself and the pioneer of hypnosis, Dr. Milton H. Erickson:

“Most people walk in a trance of disempowerment. Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment.”


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