Helping people completely break free from Anxiety once and for all so they can reconnect with who

they truly are...

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In this video Harry explains:

- Why we get stuck in the cycles of anxiety and the only reason you still are;

- If you're somebody who has tried everything to overcome their Anxiety only to have it keep coming back, how you can finally beat it once and for all;

- Who this Transformation is designed for and what's ;

- How you can get started and reconnect with the REAL YOU so you can finally move forward with your life!!





A HIGHLY TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE designed for you to completely break free from Anxiety, release old pain and destructive Unconscious patterns so you can finally feel like you again, move forward in your life and grow.

Berwick M.L. (Lancashire, U.K.)

"I first decided to book in with Harry to try to finally overcome what I saw as my anxiety and depression, which I had been suffering with for quite a few years. I made this decision because I'd been feeling like something really needed to change before I could move on with my life, and after speaking with Harry I felt like he could help me do this…


By the end of the session, it was like a huge weight had been lifted, and that horrible knot in my stomach had been unravelled and thrown away. Now my session has been and gone I feel like the real me has returned, I feel like there is nothing to run away from anymore, and I'm ready to move on with my life and do all of the things I've been too scared to do for years.


I truly think that if you're somebody who is finding excuses not to face your problems (which I was for a while), you should stop and think what you're gaining from doing this, and I'm sure you'll see that it's nothing. If you feel like you're ready and in need of real change, then you probably are, and going through this will be an amazingly powerful thing."

Kathryn D. (Melbourne, AU)

"I decided to try hypnosis to help with my depression and anxiety that I had been struggling with for a few years and it’s one of the best decisions I could have made.


When I was in the full swings of depression it was so hard to implement any of the positive habits like meditation and mindfulness that can help bring you out of such a dark headspace. I also had the fear that if I reflected or was to go deeper into my own thoughts it would get worse or spiral. 


These sessions were almost like having personal trainer who motivated me and taught me how to do this. Having Harry there to start the process and then to guide my thoughts through meditation gave me back a connection to myself that I wasn’t sure I was going to feel again.


I was able to find myself and I will never forget the feeling of being whole again. The best way I could ever describe it:

I’ve never felt so much like my own self."

"Once you heal the unconscious root of all of your anxiety you can finally let go of it and move on with your life.


- Harry Van Koll

Does This Sound Like You?

  1. You constantly overthink and worry things might go badly?

  2. You wake up in the mornings feeling anxious, with a sense of dread or nervous energy?

  3. You second-guess yourself, doubt yourself or worry what people will think of you because you don't feel good enough?

  4. You feel stuck where you are like you're not getting anywhere with this and going round in circles that keep repeating and then ending up right back where you started?

  5. You feel disconnected from yourself like your'e losing control and don't know how to get back to just feeling like you again?

Do You Want:

  1. To be able to feel like yourself again so you can be present and happier in everything that you do, so YOU are back in control?

  2. Do you want to be able to just wake up in the mornings feeling normal, happy, and free from those anxious thoughts?

  3. Do you want to feel confident in who you are so you can finally move forward in your life with the potential you know you have?

  4. Do you want to be free from those anxious, worrying feelings and thoughts so you can wake up a happier person every day?

  5. Do you want to feel content in life and get back in touch with who you really are so you can just enjoy life again?


Is This Right For Me?  How Do I Apply To Work With Harry?

1.  Book your FREE 45min Anxiety Strategy Phone Call

Find out if this is right for you.  Simply click on the link below to book your FREE 45 minute Strategy Call and complete the Online Application Form.

2.  Attend your Anxiety Strategy Phone Call     

45 minute Call via Phone or Online Zoom Chat.  We'll discuss your specific situation and start to pin-point  exactly what is going on for you - so you can finally get some real clarity around the Unconscious Root-Cause of your issue and we can talk solutions.

3.  Anxiety Breakthrough Transformation™️  (In-Person or Online via Zoom Video Chat)

Your Anxiety Breakthrough Transformation™️ will then be scheduled on the call. Finally break free from the relentless cycle of Anxiety so you can reconnect with the REAL YOU and move forward in your life.

Book a FREE Anxiety Strategy Phone Call by clicking the button below:

or for General Enquiries call 0400 672 289

Simply follow the link above - all new clients must first book an initial (Free) Anxiety Strategy Phone Call and complete the Online Application Form before their Breakthrough is scheduled.

This Phone Call is free and totally no-obligation. The main purpose of the call is to better understand your issue, how it affects you and to discuss what you would like to achieve through working together.


As  I only offer to work with people that I believe I can really help, this Phone Call is also to ensure that the Anxiety Breakthrough Transformation is going to be the best thing for you to overcome your issue and that we'd be a good fit to work together.


This Phone Call can also be conducted via  Zoom Online Chat if you live outside of Australia. 



Conversational Hypnotherapist

& Anxiety Specialist

Harry is a Conversational Hypnotherapist specialising in helping people completely break through their Anxiety so they can reconnect with who they truly are. 

Using Conversational Hypnotherapy, Harry will help you uncover the Unconscious root-cause of your problem so you can finally release the emotional-mental attachment by healing the issue at its very core. ​The therapy is conversational in nature, utilising 'trance' to access the Unconscious root of your issue making your session completely unique and tailored to you as an individual.

"When I work with clients it all happens 'in the moment', and no two sessions are the same. This makes it all about you.

The therapy happens in the moment, and is entirely unique for every single person that walks into my office.

People leave with an entirely new perspective and empowered understanding of themselves and the most common feedback I get is that they have never felt more like 'themselves' before in their entire life... 

People come to me stuck and struggling with their problem - and leave powerful Human Beings that can deal with anything." 

Harry facilitates the Anxiety Breakthrough Transformation™️  In-Person from his Northcote (VIC) Office and Online via Video Chat World-Wide. 

Qualifications: Conversational Hypnotherapy |  Master Hypnotist | Trauma & Regression Hypnotherapy | Meta-Mind Analysis

Pain-Control Hypnotherapy | Ericksonian Hypnosis 

For General Enquiries:

Ph: 0400 672 289

In-Person Sessions:

We are located in Northcote

VIC 3070

Interstate and International Clients:

The Anxiety Breakthrough Transformation™️ can be conducted via Zoom Online Video Chat.


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