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"I decided to try hypnosis to help with my depression and anxiety that I had been struggling with for a few years and it’s one of the best decisions I could have made. When I was in the full swings of depression it was so hard to implement any of the positive habits like meditation and mindfulness that can help bring you out of such a dark headspace. I also had the fear that if I reflected or was to go deeper into my own thoughts it would get worse or spiral.

These sessions were almost like having personal trainer who motivated me and taught me how to do this. Having Harry there to start the process and then to guide my thoughts through meditation gave me back a connection to myself that I wasn’t sure I was going to feel again. I was able to find myself and I will never forget the feeling of being whole again.

The best way I could ever describe it : I’ve never felt so much like my own self."


"In mid 2018, I went through a prolonged stressful situation at work that resulted in me struggling to sleep. I then sought advice from my local doctor who simply prescribed sleeping tablets. While the sleeping tablets did help me get some temporary sleep; they also resulted in me having some terrible side effects. Those side effects included panic attacks, severe physical anxiety and ultimately severe depression. These side effects persisted for some time and resulted in me having to seek the guidance of psychologists and psychiatrists. After a period of some months, I had largely recovered but still had persistent insomnia which revolved around worry and anxiety about sleep.


Before I came to see Harry, I had tried all kinds of techniques to improve my insomnia. I had tried various prescribed medications and CBT for insomnia. None of these techniques were producing lasting results so I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I had no real knowledge about hypnotherapy other than I knew a few people who had seen a hypnotherapist with positive results.


I was a little bit nervous before seeing Harry – I had no idea what to expect. However, my mind was put at ease when we met. Harry has a very warm and welcoming persona and makes you feel completely safe during the session. The experience during the session is like nothing I can really compare to previously. The best way to describe the experience is to be prepared for a conversation that could go anywhere, cover any topic and touch on a whole series of emotions that will ultimately reach the underlying root of your anxieties.


After my session with Harry I immediately felt in control of my sleep anxiety, Harry helped me see that I didn’t really have a problem anymore. My sleep has improved and I am now well on my way to re-establishing my old normal sleeping pattern without taking any medication. If you are struggling with a personal problem and have tried other avenues that don’t seem to work; I recommend getting in contact with Harry today. Harry has been through the challenge of anxiety himself so he is in a powerful position to share his personal experience whilst applying his abilities as a skilled hypnotherapist."


"I first decided to book in with Harry to try to finally overcome what I saw as my anxiety and depression, which I had been suffering with for quite a few years. I made this decision because I'd been feeling like something really needed to change before I could move on with my life, and after speaking with Harry I felt like he could help me do this. My so-called anxiety and depression made me feel like I wasn't capable of doing the things I really wanted to do, and the only way I was dealing with this was by running away from things and pretending to myself that I just needed to move again or change my job or distract myself in some other way, which of course never worked. Now I can see that all of the things I did to try to fix my issues, and all of the lifestyle change I made, were simply distractions from what I really needed to address.

Before going into my session with Harry, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was definitely worried about what hypnosis would bring up. During my session I went into trance a couple of times and I felt like I was in some sort of dream world full of my memories, but in a strange way I felt like it was still me in control of everything that was happening, but the unconscious me. At first, I was seeing all of these memories and feelings in a very negative way, and it felt like they were all bundled up into a knot in my stomach. The only way I can describe consciously what happened then is that there was a gradual shifting of this negative knot of memories during my session, and eventually the memories started to feel very positive and almost like I was seeing them for what they really were.

By the end of the session, it was like a huge weight had been lifted, and that horrible knot in my stomach had been unravelled and thrown away.


Now my session has been and gone I feel like the real me has returned, I feel like there is nothing to run away from anymore, and I'm ready to move on with my life and do all of the things I've been too scared to do for years. Things like pursuing my passions, making some roots closer to home and family and friends, and maybe starting a family with my wonderful partner. I truly think that if you're somebody who is finding excuses not to face your problems (which I was for a while), you should stop and think what you're gaining from doing this, and I'm sure you'll see that it's nothing. If you feel like you're ready and in need of real change, then you probably are, and going through this will be an amazingly powerful thing."


"Thank you so much for all of your guidance, it's been an incredible journey so far. In the first week I made so many easy changes to my habits, I actually even surprised myself with how easy those habits were to change...

I don't have this uncertainty hanging over me now. I certainly think it's an amazing job you are doing sharing your knowledge and guidance to empower people and ensuring us that it's all us doing it, I only wish it was something that it was more widely accessible. I will be sure to keep you up to date with my journey and I really hope you are able to help many more people see that the power was always in them."

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"I would 100% recommend Harry. I’ve been experiencing anxiety on and off for two years; however, the past few months I felt like it was getting out of control. Harry was so patient with me, as he helped me work through my stuff and helped me let go of negative emotions I’ve been holding onto for years. Harry taught me how to handle anxious thoughts and by applying this method at home, within two weeks my anxious thoughts have disappeared and I’m now able to focus on what is actually important to me :) "


"I would strongly advise anyone suffering anxiety to have a chat with Harry as he has helped me get my life back. Here’s my story.

A video popped up on my Facebook page in regards to anxiety and how it affects your life, I was intrigued , so I continued to watch. It opened my eyes and I thought this could help me. I had spoken to people before and nothing was gained, and nothing helped. Nothing had helped in the past but I couldn’t keep living my life as it was, I was scared to be alone, scared to go to work, just scared to be me. The final straw was I had an asthma which was made worse by my anxiety. I truly thought I was going to die. I got taken to hospital and checked out and nothing I was fine. This was when I knew I had to do something about it.


I contacted Harry and we started to work together. It all started with a simple phone call. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about hypnotherapy or coaching but I had to change my life and this was it. I put all my faith in Harry, with all my cards on the table. I had to get my life back. From the first time I spoke to Harry on the phone, I felt different, I started to feel normal again. We sat down face to face and talked, it’s funny how if you allow yourself to open up and listen to your inner self, how things work out. And when you make your breakthrough as I did, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted , it’s a truely amazing feeling. I finally feel normal again. I’m now going about my life as I remember it was. It’s a great feeling.

Harry I couldn’t ever thank you enough for the help you have given me. You have taught me how to be me again. Anyone who has anxiety and is sick of feeling not like yourself, give Harry a call and start the process of getting your life back. It’s not easy but so rewarding to make those breakthroughs and get your life back. I can’t wait to live the rest of my life. Thank you Harry from the bottom of my heart."


"I came across Harry’s ad on Facebook one day and decided to book in for a session. At this time I felt I was in lack of direction and unsure how to move forward and wasn’t in the best head space. This was my first time seeking professional help. I was unsure what to expect, but Harry made me feel very comfortable.


This experience pushed me to go deep into my thoughts and expressing myself which I normally find hard to do. I came into this experience for help in what I wanted to do next in my life, but what came up in my session was more child hood issues I had - but hadn’t really confronted. The session really helped me understand myself more and my thought processes. It showed that stories and fears I had created aren’t actually real, though they can feel like they are at times. It truely helped me see better and understand that we are in charge of our thoughts and the stories we create.


I now have created such a better mind set and am excited for what my future holds and learning and growing as a person on my own journey.

I would recommend this to anyone as it really shows you that what we first thought was a problem is actually not in the end. It’s not until we see it from a professional point that we soon realise we actually had no problem at all. It was our own thoughts that blocked the way.

I’m truly grateful I did this when I did."


"Thanks to Harry I have overcome my anxiety and let go of the past with only one session! He has changed my life so much and I am so grateful! Best decision I ever made, I highly recommend!!!!"


"Just want to say a huge thank you to Harry for all his help! I was struggling with anxious thoughts and overthinking as well as a lack of sleep until I had a session with Harry. 

Harry helped me to reconnect with my inner self, to remember to listen to what truly resonates within. He helped me remember how to block out external influences, opinions and expectations to focus solely on trusting myself. This shift in thinking has already resulted in an immensely positive outcome in my life and I couldn't be more grateful."


"I was in quite a state of sadness, heartbreak and having very low thoughts about myself so after looking up online ways to help that I settled on hypnotherapy and due to the thoughtful conversation I had with Harry on the phone I decided it was something worth trying. I instantly felt safe and at ease with Harry and I don't really want to use the word magic here because it undermines the serious process of what Harry does but it's actually MAGIC, Harry is MAGIC and the experience itself felt like I was under a beautiful spell.


I have been trying to live as a particular thing for such a long time and although the sadness and heartbreak are still there I am so free and clear now. It's such a collaborative process and I really got to see my true self underneath all the weight and muck I'd been carrying around for too long. It was so beautiful I cry whenever I think about it but not in sadness but in love and relief and Harry made that possible with a very gentle and safe (and magic) experience. I couldn't recommend going to see him enough, I am so grateful to Harry, it has truly altered my life in such a subtle but intensely significant way."


"I had a session with Harry due to severe anxiety recently, and it went absolutely amazing! Besides being a lovely, kind person I felt completely comfortable with, I left feeling so much better and relaxed (anxiety down from about an 8 to a 2). I was inspired by hypnotherapy and in myself after only just one session.

Harry told me ways that I CAN control my anxiety at onset. Now I have started a business for the first time in many years and am coming off clean from 10 years of heavy medication (including Xanax and Valium).
I truly look forward to another session very soon, and cannot thank this man enough! 
Thank you again Harry."


"I have struggled in the past with anxiety issues for as long as I can remember. I was under the impression that that's just who I was and I thought couldn’t change, and felt that was just the way it was. It's only now though I can start see who I am, and I have gained great insight into my mind that grows everyday. In the past I've been to councillors, psychologists, doctors and I’ve even tried Alexander Technique, which helped for a while, but I kept finding myself back at the beginning. After working with Harry, I now have real clarity. And while those options might be great for some people, if you aren't really getting what you need, I would recommend talking to Harry."


"Thank you for reminding me of who I am and allowing me to reconcile with that person! I cannot wait to be on this journey of truth that is free of the past, the future, anxiety and fear. You should be proud of your work."