Anxiety Specialist Hypnotherapy

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Helping people completely overcome their Anxiety and transform their lives so they can reconnect with who they truly are and finally move forward...

A complete LIFE Breakthrough experience that will help you get to the Unconscious Root-Cause of all of your Anxiety so you can finally let go of it and start living your life confidently!


"I would 100% recommend Harry. I’ve been experiencing anxiety on and off for two years; however, the past few months I felt like it was getting out of control. Harry was so patient with me, as he helped me work through my stuff and helped me let go of negative emotions I’ve been holding onto for years. Within two weeks my anxious thoughts have disappeared and I’m now able to focus on what is actually important to me :) "


Conversational Hypnotherapist

& Anxiety Specialist


Harry is a Conversational Hypnotherapist specialising in helping people completely break through their Anxiety so they can reconnect with who they truly are. 

"Once you heal the Unconscious Root underlying all of your Anxiety you can let go of it for good and finally move forward with your life..." 

Qualifications: Conversational Hypnotherapist |  Master Hypnotist | Trauma & Regression Hypnotherapy

Meta-Mind Analysis | Pain Control Hypnotherapy | Ericksonian Hypnosis 



This Phone Session is free and totally no-obligation. The main purpose of the call is to better understand your issue, how it affects you and what you would like to achieve.


As  I only offer work with people that I believe I can really help, this Phone Session is also to ensure that the Anxiety Breakthrough Transformation is going to be the best thing for you to overcome your issue and that we'd be a good fit to work together.


The session can also be conducted via  Zoom Online Chat if you live outside of Australia. 

Watch A Recent Client Success Story:

- Carly W. / Ballarat


"I would strongly advise anyone suffering anxiety to have a chat with Harry as he has helped me get my life back. Here’s my story.

A video popped up on my Facebook page in regards to anxiety and how it affects your life, I was intrigued , so I continued to watch. It opened my eyes and I thought this could help me. I had spoken to people before and nothing was gained, and nothing helped. Nothing had helped in the past but I couldn’t keep living my life as it was, I was scared to be alone, scared to go to work, just scared to be me. The final straw was I had an asthma which was made worse by my anxiety. I truly thought I was going to die. I got taken to hospital and checked out and nothing I was fine. This was when I knew I had to do something about it.


I contacted Harry and we started to work together. It all started with a simple phone call. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about hypnotherapy or coaching but I had to change my life and this was it. I put all my faith in Harry, with all my cards on the table. I had to get my life back. From the first time I spoke to Harry on the phone, I felt different, I started to feel normal again. We sat down face to face and talked, it’s funny how if you allow yourself to open up and listen to your inner self, how things work out. And when you make your breakthrough as I did, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted , it’s a truely amazing feeling. I finally feel normal again. I’m now going about my life as I remember it was. It’s a great feeling.

Harry I couldn’t ever thank you enough for the help you have given me. You have taught me how to be me again. Anyone who has anxiety and is sick of feeling not like yourself, give Harry a call and start the process of getting your life back. It’s not easy but so rewarding to make those breakthroughs and get your life back. I can’t wait to live the rest of my life. Thank you Harry from the bottom of my heart."


"In mid 2018, I went through a prolonged stressful situation at work that resulted in me struggling to sleep. I then sought advice from my local doctor who simply prescribed sleeping tablets. While the sleeping tablets did help me get some temporary sleep; they also resulted in me having some terrible side effects. Those side effects included panic attacks, severe physical anxiety and ultimately severe depression. These side effects persisted for some time and resulted in me having to seek the guidance of psychologists and psychiatrists. After a period of some months, I had largely recovered but still had persistent insomnia which revolved around worry and anxiety about sleep.


Before I came to see Harry, I had tried all kinds of techniques to improve my insomnia. I had tried various prescribed medications and CBT for insomnia. None of these techniques were producing lasting results so I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I had no real knowledge about hypnotherapy other than I knew a few people who had seen a hypnotherapist with positive results.


I was a little bit nervous before seeing Harry – I had no idea what to expect. However, my mind was put at ease when we met. Harry has a very warm and welcoming persona and makes you feel completely safe during the session. The experience during the session is like nothing I can really compare to previously. The best way to describe the experience is to be prepared for a conversation that could go anywhere, cover any topic and touch on a whole series of emotions that will ultimately reach the underlying root of your anxieties.


After my session with Harry I immediately felt in control of my sleep anxiety, Harry helped me see that I didn’t really have a problem anymore. My sleep has improved and I am now well on my way to re-establishing my old normal sleeping pattern without taking any medication. If you are struggling with a personal problem and have tried other avenues that don’t seem to work; I recommend getting in contact with Harry today. Harry has been through the challenge of anxiety himself so he is in a powerful position to share his personal experience whilst applying his abilities as a skilled hypnotherapist."


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